Wait Until Dark Cast

Elijah Dorey (Harry Roat, Jr)
Elijah is a sophomore and is very involved in extracurricular activities. He plays on some sports teams and in several ensembles and choirs. He has been in a readers theater for state competition in junior high, but he is new to stage productions this year. He tells us an interesting fact about himself is that when he broke his ankle one time, he walked on it for about a week before deciding he should probably get it checked out. In being involved with this production, he says he is “most excited about the new skills [he] is learning and the fun experience [he] is having with the other cast members.
Mackenzie Fougere (Gloria)
Kenzie is our youngest cast member and our first ever elementary student with the opportunity to be involved with one of our productions. This production is unique for us in that it has a child role. She has had some speaking roles in elementary school programs, and has also done readings for our elementary state competition. Kenzie plays the French horn in our elementary band, and also takes piano lessons. She is very excited about being a part of this production and learning about the whole process from start to finish.
Mattheus Jimenez (Sam Hendrix)
Mattheus is a junior who is a returning cast member for us. He was also in our last production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None playing the role of General Mackenzie. He has also been in some community theater productions including Annie Jr., The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Mattheus is excited to be part of this year’s production, and after graduation, plans to go to college to study to become an aerospace engineer.
Nora Kameni (Susy Hendrix)
Nora is a senior this year and is brand new to stage productions. She has had some experience with a solo speech, duet acting and a readers theater for state competition. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in computer science with a minor in business/marketing. Nora can be seen around school and school functions with a camera in hand as she is part of our school’s yearbook crew. Perhaps this interest started from being in a news article for MLive when she was 5 years old? Nora is very “excited to gain more knowledge about acting and also build closer relationships with [her] castmates” through this year’s production.
Nathan Michalek (Sergeant Carlino)
Nathan is a junior, and while he has done some solo speeches and readers theater for state competition, he is new to stage production. Nathan is involved in several school groups such as musical groups and different sports teams. He also takes piano lessons. He plans to go to college after high school, but isn’t quite sure what he would like to study. He says his TI-30XIIS calculator is his best friend so perhaps something with math so he can take his best friend along for the journey!
Ethan Waters (Mike Talman)
Ethan is a junior this year who enjoys playing on all of our sports teams. In fact, one soccer season he made 38 saves in a single game as the team’s keeper! He also sings in the choir and plays percussion in the school band. Ethan is returning to the stage this year after playing Anthony Marston in our last production of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. He has also had numerous speaking parts in elementary school programs. He is excited about making “new friends with the cast members” during this production process!