About The Viewing Room

“The Viewing Room” is ACT’s 13th production and their sixth at Marconi’s theater at the Ashland VFW.  I have the honor of directing this show that I secured for ACT via a very talented writer Mark Smith. 

The show is an original comedic play about the death and life of Chester Dumbrosky.  “The Viewing Room” takes place in Jan 2005 at the Hollerbach funeral home; it is the wake of Chester Dumbrosky patriarch of the Dumbrosky family. The play is about family interactions and the interpersonal relationships we all have; or want to have with our families.  While every family dynamic is different everyone of us plays a role within that dynamic.  I guarantee you will see some similarities of a family that you know; maybe even your own.  

Sit back relax and enjoy tonight’s show.

If you are interested in being part of future ACT theater or film productions please reach out to me directly. 

Joe White – Founder, Ashland Community Theater

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Be an open group that accepts and welcomes all people who are interested  in being part of Theater, Film and Community.

​Produce two quality theater productions per year that entertain, enrich, and educate Ashland, MA and its surrounding communities

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Afford an opportunity for adults and teens interested in acting, directing, writing, and stage work

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