Arcata's Got Talent, Season 2 Cast

Aubrey Deuel and Miles Schmidt (Singing)
Aubrey Deuel is a senior in high school. She has been singing since she was seven. Miles Schmidt is a junior at Arcata High School. He has been tap dancing for four year, and loves to combine music and through his art form.
Aurora Pitts (Live Music)
Aurora Pitts is in here sophomore year. She has played piano for eleven years and currently studies with Daniela Mineva. She played a Mozart piano concerto with the All Seasons Orchestra when she was 10.
Autumn Hudgens (Spoken Word)
Autumn Hudgens is a sophomore student. She likes writing and reading poetry and is constantly folding origami frogs.
Elijah Walker (Singing)
My name is Elijah Selah Walker and I'm a junior. I don't have a title. I will be singing but I haven't chosen what to sing yet. I can't think of a fun fact that isn't awkward. I'm looking forward to performing.
Genevieve and Siri Caruso (Singing)
Genevieve (Gemma) Caruso is a freshman here at Arcata High. She has been with MainStage Theater for six years and is excited to be performing in The Wizard of Oz this November.
Grace Humphreys (Singing)
Grace Humphreys is a sophomore and she has been performing and singing for her family and friends since the age of 7. A fun fact about her is that she likes strawberry-flavored ice cream.
Jayla White (Singing)
Jayla White is a freshman at Arcata High School. She has sung in front of family but not in large crowds. She loves to sing and play sports.
Julia Oberlander (Dancing)
Julia Oberlander is a sophomore student at Arcata High.
Julian Wan (Live Music)
Julian Wan is a senior at Arcata High School. He loves all food and can play 8 instruments!
Malia Anderson (Slam Poetry / Spoken Word)
Malia Andersen is a freshman at AHS. She has been writing since she was six years old. She started writing stories, but now she also writes songs and poetry. She mostly writes about her emotions and real-life experiences.
Raven Alvarez (Aerial Silks)
Raven Alvarez, a Senior Extraordinaire will be performing a piece entitled “Feeling Silky”. Raven has been doing acrobatics since before she could stand; her dad would balance her on his hand in a standing position while walking through CostCo, and she has been doing silks since she was 4ft tall. In addition to the aerial arts, she practices other ninja skills such as archery, jiu jitsu, sword fighting, and cooking.
Rowan Magnunson & Friends (Live Music)
Rowan Magnunson is a freshman student. He plays lots of instruments! Rowan will be joined by: Nathan Wan - Cello Bodhi Jennings - Violin Ava Jones - Bass
Sierra Paliaga (Live Music)
Sierra Paliaga is a junior at Arcata High school. She has been playing piano since she was 9 years old.
Siri Caruso (Dancing)
Siri Caruso is in 9th grade at Arcata high school. She has been doing Irish dancing for almost 10 years.
Izzy and the Misfits (Live Music)
Lucas Alvarez, Isaac Cseh, Ava Jones, and Lachlan Watts-Tobin
Redwood Steel Band (Live Music)
Ava Jones, Cora Dandeneau, Jesse Jonathan, Porter Walston, Thomas Fitzmaurice, and Tommy Fitzmaurice
Cleaning House: a Radio Play (Arcata High Drama)
Ash Stenborg-Davies, Kayla Haynes, Laura Laux, Loki Williams, Ryder Robinson, and Taylor Hines
Juju and the Plague (Our Teacher Band!)
Alex Kantner - Bass Earl Peters - Guitar Greg Rowe - Piano Julia Angles - Vocals Melanie Zapper - Vocals Michelle Camilli - Drums
Arman Abbassi (MC)
Arman Abbassi is a senior at Arcata high. He has been working at the Arcata Arts Institute for four years, and has been acting since he was young.
Kyra Alway (MC)
Kyra is a senior at Arcata High and is in her second year at AAI. She is fairly new to acting but has found a love for theatre.
Mariah Hall (MC)
Mariah is a Junior in her second year in AAI. She enjoys performing on stage and adores theatre.