About Baggage at the Door

Four consecutive Januarys with four near-death experiences...um, Happy New Year? This particular January, the scorched survivor’s barricades are breached and protective layers peeled away as she navigates the precarious terrors of falling in love.  In Baggage at the Door, that bright-eyed city girl is unmasked as a poster child for high-functioning PTSD. If she can’t connect, she may miss out on a future she longs for. Struggling with internal dumpster fires on a spare stage richly textured with immersive sound and animated projections, she tap-dances eating cheese, sings her conflicted identifies, swaddles herself with protective rhinestones, and enlists the audience’s guidance on a witty, honest, and gripping journey to break the trauma cycle and find the courage to finally unpack.

Baggage at the Door is an original one-woman musical addressing the critical moment a (seemingly well-adjusted trauma-queen) survivor realizes she may no longer be able to simply cope; when falling in love triggers her lurking PTSD, she might be  f*#&ed.


Baggage at the Door, created by & starring by Dana Aber

Direction and Dramaturgy by Joe Langworth

Music Direction - Jacob Stebly

Songs created in collaboration with:  James Ballard, Christie Baugher, Alanya Bridge, Amy Burgess & Sara Cooper, Teresa Lotz, Joseph Trefler, Rachel Dean, Mika Kauffman, Martha Miller, and Thomas Jacobsen

Production Management - Brent Michael Jones

Set - Mark Halpin

Lighting - Aiden Bezark

Projections - Dana Aber

Orchestrations - Josh Freilich

Press Rep - Richard Hillman



AMT Theater

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