For 25 years, the Teen Summer Musical has been a seasonal highlight of countless Seattle families and fans while serving thousands of kids in dozens of unique shows at some of the biggest theater houses in the City! During the pandemic, the program pivoted and for the first time performed for weeks at outdoor locations throughout the community. This year, Teen Summer Musical returns to the stage and brings its explosive and exhilarating energy back to the historic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute for a groundbreaking 10 shows (August 18-28)


Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan & Beauty had a party at the Beast's house and Scarecrow and the Emerald City crew pulled up in the Grease car just in time to dance to Willy Wonka playing the cuts for the whole block? ANYTHING could happen when you put them all in the same show! And that's a show we wanna see!

Acts On Stage

In partnership with Seattle Parks & Rec., Acts On Stage manages the 2022 Teen Summer Musical. Acts On Stage is a community theater committed to centering the talents, voices, works, and initiatives of People of Color and Creatives of Faith. Acts On Stage is a non-profit theater committed to elevating the arts and bringing attention to matters that matter. We strive to inspire audiences to see #ArtAsActivism and change lives dramatically!  AOS is a registered 501C3.