Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

This year's production of Beauty and the Beast is a milestone. It is our 10th anniversary of the return of musicals to Pottstown School District after a 9-year hiatus.

Musicals have a very special place in my heart. They are the one form of student activity that allows students of a wide range of abilities and interests to showcase their talents. Every year we strive to produce the most professional musical possible using the talents of hundreds of students and thousands of hours of their time. Musicals are more than actors on a stage. Our final productions showcase our students’ vocal and instrumental skills, their acting and dancing skills, and their construction, event-planning, and artistic skills. We utilize our child care, cosmetology, marketing, and culinary arts Career & Technical students behind the scenes. 

As there producer, I try to make sure that every production is better than the prior ones. We have improved the physical space and equipment used by our students, and have increased the quality of each production. We have always utilized a full live orchestra. Most importantly, we were the first school in the region to offer a “Sensory Friendly” show for the general public. This is a welcoming environment for all patrons to enjoy live theater and express themselves freely without judgment. We invite individuals with ADD, ADHD, Dementia, Autism, sensory sensitivities, or any patron who would enjoy a performance where they can freely express themselves.

Beauty and the Beast will be the greatest show we have ever produced but it is also the springboard to even greater experiences and showcasing of our students - all of our students!

Thank you for joining us!

See you at the show,

Robert Decker