Under the leadership of Shandreka Gibson, the Theatre Arts Department has solidified in its edification at Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School. Miller is constantly instilling appreciation and love of dramatization in our students and share a love for performance. Being on stage is an incredibly fun and vibrant experience that we enjoy sharing with our students at Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School. In our efforts to maintain the district’s vision to develop a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated to educating each student for a 21st century global society, we value giving each student life applicable experience that benefits them in various facets as an individual while collaborating with parents, community stakeholders, and faculty and staff.

Under the direction of our Theatre Department Instructor, Charity Hamilton, the Theatre Arts Program at Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School addresses a child’s complex intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural world. As an intellectual tool, Theatre not only teaches facts and figures, but routinely invites analysis, judgment, and synthesis. Miller’s Theatre Program encourages cooperative learning, team work, organization, and leadership skills while seamlessly integrating all aspects of the art form: script writing, acting, designing, directing, researching, comparing art forms, analyzing, critiquing, and understanding contexts. At Miller Fine Art Magnet Middle School, we teach students to see the created world of theater through multiple perspectives: the playwright, actor, designer, director, and discerning audience member and we encourage our students to view and deconstruct dramatic works as not only a collection of denotative and connotative meanings, but as a metaphoric vision of life that invites, supports, and celebrates varied interpretations. Miller Fine Art Middle School students are able express emotion in a safe environment, and learn how to calibrate their emotional responses to various stimuli. Miller’s Theatre Program endows all students with insight and physicality, offering them the opportunity to explore areas of social interaction within their social domains or formal domains. 

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