About theatre and the performing arts

In our efforts to provide a quality education for every student at Marco Island Academy, it is important to provide for all aspects of human growth. This includes artistic, expressive, and cultural, as well as intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. The performing arts are essential in education for they provide students with the means to think, feel, and understand the world around them in ways unique and distinct from other disciplines. Literacy in the arts enhances a person’s ability to participate in society by developing creative problem solving, inquiry, and communication skills, and by providing an avenue for self-expression and multiple points of view by:

  • Exploring and understanding the historical, cultural, and social contexts for the performing arts.
  • Analyzing and critically examining the performing arts.
  • Inquiring into the nature, meaning, and value of theatre and the aesthetic experience.
  • Creating, performing, and producing works of theatre.
  • Transmitting theatre skills into everyday life and supporting our theatre heritage.
  • Integrating theatre and other disciplines to enhance learning.

The Arts Department and Performing Arts Program at Marco Island Academy strives to empower students to imagine, create, and inspire by providing a positive, safe, and fun outlet to discover and explore the creative fields and their application to everyday life.



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