Who are the olions?

In 1954, the name OLIONS was chosen by students to identify the Los Alamos High School Drama Club. It's derivation is found in the theatrical term “olio” which means a collection or hodge-podge of any kind of art, drama, or skit. The name truly gasps the spirit of this organization which is made up of a collection of students who represent a broad spectrum of vocational and avocational interests and abilities.

As a part of the high school setting, the Olions’ primary goal is to enhance the educational experience of the members by an involvement in the theater arts… The Olions strive to maintain the highest standards and in no way seek to apologize for their efforts with the pejorative stigma of the term, ‘a high school show.'

Olions is truly the group where any student can explore their talents in a fun and supportive environment while helping to produce amazing shows.



Our club has many fantastic roles for people to spread their theatrical wings. This year our department heads are:

Balto Carr - Head of Tech

The Tech Department is a very diverse group with a wide variety of talents and skills. For shows students run and install lights and sound, build sets, and operate backstage. Students have the ability to express their creativity and help design a show. It's a great opportunity to become involved in the Olions community as well as other groups operating out of DSA. Students need no prior knowledge to join the tech department as it is a highly educative experience. It is also a great opportunity for learning team and leadership skills. 


Head of House

The House Department or House Staff is a department dedicated to our customers experience and service. They help to make sure you are reaching the best satisfaction before and after the show, as well as during intermission. Their job includes ensuring that the customers are ready for a show to start. This can include whether a part of the audience is still buying tickets or concessions. They also help audience members find their seats, help to locate amenities in the buildings, and sell concessions. Their job is to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as they can make it. 


Kate Warner - Head of Costumes

Hey besties, I'm Kate Warner - head of costumes for Olions this year. So yeah, costumes in any type of theatre are important because they can help pull an audience into the world of the performance. It's needed just as much as the lights, the sets, and the backdrops.


Annie Xie & Ariela Rittner - Heads of Advertising

Advertising is vital for any production. If nobody knows the production was happening, nobody would come! That's where we come in. We work closely with the head of outreach to spread the word about our shows and build the largest audience possible. Though Outreach primarily focuses on interaction with people and customers, advertising focuses on graphic design and strategic placement of advertising materials. We are super excited to work with you this year!


Marina Archuleta - Head of Props

When choosing props for a production, not only should the props be period-appropriate, but production-appropriate as well. That's the job of the props department. They help choose props for every production and ensure that they are preset for actors. The props are the final step in bringing the production to life. 

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