Roald Dahl's timeless story of the world famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to chocolate-covered life. Tickets available here now.

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Wizard of Oz Playbill Ad Sales & Shoutouts

The perfect way to recognize your cast member or promote your local business while showing your support to your Lake Travis Music Theatre! Purchase a shout out or business ad space in the Wizard of Oz Playbill. Artwork requirements listed below. Submit your Shout-Out by emailing the file in PNG or JPEG format (less than 10MB) to [email protected] with "SHOUTOUT your name" in the subject line no later than Monday, 5/27/24. How to Make a Shoutout (even if you don't have graphic design skills): Go to create a free account click the purple "create a design" button choose "Custom Size" type in the pixel size (below) based on the size shout-out you purchased On the left hand side choose "Upload" to upload photo(s), choose text to add text, choose elements to add lines, shapes, and other designs. You can change the backgrounds, styles and colors. Get as creative as you like. When you're done click the "Download" button on the top right and choose PNG or JPEG as the file type. Email the downloaded file to [email protected] with "SHOUTOUT and your name" in the subject line no later than Monday 5/27/24.

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