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I like theatre because it helps me express myself. Theatre is a lot of fun and Ms. Laney makes sure you are comfortable with whatever you are doing. She will never make you do something that she doesn't think you are ready for. Theatre is a great elective to do especially in 6th grade because you are just now learning how theatre works and it is very interesting throughout the process.

~ Amagine Gardner - former theatre student


I like theatre because you really get to branch out and explore different styles of acting, you get to be yourself, make new friends, and have so much fun!!

~ Payton Jones - former theatre student


I like theatre because you get to work with others, and play fun games! I also like theatre because we get to make scripts. Then we get to rehearse the scripts we make and eventually we get to perform in front of the class! Performing and acting is a lot of fun. If you are still not sure if you should join theatre I hope this helped.

~ Caden Burris - former theatre student


I love theatre because it helps me be able to not be so shy and it helps me open up in a safe place where nobody will judge you. Everyone is really open and nice. In theatre you play a lot of fun games and do super fun performances.

~ Anna Downey - former theatre student


It is super fun especially when we are not in the middle of a pandemic. You may have heard that it was a lot of notes but it's really not. It's super fun and lots of games that I literally promise you would enjoy. It's not scary at all, I'm pretty shy but it's not gonna trigger anxiety hopefully. It definitely builds friendships like when you get sorted into houses. It's worth it, trust me. I haven't met anyone who regretted doing it.

~ Avery Smith - former theatre student


It's very collaborative and it really helps boost your confidence as well as make connections and interact with many new students. If it hadn't been for us both being in theatre, my best friend and I probably never would have known that we had so much in common and probably never would have grown so close.

~ Clara Kennedy - former theatre student


It gave me a sense of community where I felt valued. The people around me were very supportive and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

~ Quinn Brooks - former theatre student