Our Story

Henry Drama Club was founded in fall of 2019 with the goal of promoting student voice and opportunity. We got off to a great start with an edgy fringe play ("Gunplay" by Tom Reed) and then the pandemic hit. We lost a very beautiful show only one week from opening (Naomi Iizuke's “Anon(ymous)”. That show had included cast members from Olson Middle School as part of a bridge program to Henry High. During the lockdown we remained largely dormant, a sleeping giant that, once awoken, would become a juggernaut of activity. Once we finally returned to in-person learning, we produced "Night of the Living Dead Live! The success of that show has propelled us forward with a wave of internships for our students at the Capri Theater and now we continue growing our brand. 

Mostly everything you will see at one of our productions is run or created by students. In a few short years, we hope that the entire program is student-run and that we have a well-established internship program, scholarships, summer camps, and more! We strive to be a versatile theatre that gives unique opportunities to our students and promotes the arts in our North Minneapolis community and beyond…

(Photo: She Kills Monsters Fall 2022)

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