Welcome to FUSE Theatre of CT's second season!  Our first season was to commence on March 20th, 2020 with a beautiful and moving production of 'The Lion King Jr.'  We were SO excited.

 Humankind plans and the Universe laughs, right? 

 Undeterred by the whomp! whomp! of that anti-climatic experience, we decided to use this time of  pause to jump head first into our true calling-- the development of new works.   We took a leap of faith and called upon a team of highly gifted CT, MA & NJ-based artists to build something new from something old.  The result is the most collaborative theatrical production any of us has ever been involved with, featuring the incredible talents of a mixed youth and adult cast and an unforgettable original score by Lydia Arachne.  

Every member of the cast and creative team was a co-creator in this process, and it would not be the same show without every single one of them.  We are incredibly proud of this piece and want it to be widely seen and enjoyed.  Thank you for supporting our work and for spreading the good word that despite setbacks and hardships, the arts are very much ALIVE AND THRIVING.