2024 Season

The Trial of Mother Jones
By Roger Holsberg
Director - Angela DeCicco
January 19th – February 18th (Main Stage)
First time performed in California!!

The Trial of Mother Jones is inspired by real events. "Mother" Mary Harris Jones was born in Cork, Ireland in 1837. The dream of a better life brought her to America. As the first female organizer for the United Mine Workers, she battled for the rights of American workers until shortly before her death at the age of 93.

It's 1914, and The Colorado Coalfield War, the bloodiest labor dispute in U.S. history, is raging. A 77-year-old Irish hellraiser named Mother Jones issues a call to arms, summoning 500,000 union miners to rise up and fight against a renegade National Guard unit run by Lt. "Jesus Christ" Linderfelt. Her battle cry, "Pray for the dead… and fight like hell for the living!" A few nights later she's ambushed in a union meeting hall by Clarence Darrow, John Mitchell (U.M.W. President), and John D. Rockefeller Jr., in a desperate attempt to stop her. During this participatory production the audience assumes the role of the American workers called to this union hall to help decide the fate of Mother Jones, answering a question for the ages: At what point do you pick up a gun and go to war with your own countrymen?


The Shroud
By Michael Kassin
Director – Brian Robert Harris
March 15th – April 14th (Main Stage)

What if you lived your whole life one way—and found out you were wrong? Red Broida (inspired by a real person) is an avowed atheist and scientist working at Los Alamos. Red worked on the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons. He has no regrets—even though the Bomb (he helped create) killed 200,000 innocent people. It also ended World War II. And has kept us out of World War III, so far. What if the Japanese had built the bomb first? Used it? It was them or us. For Red, there's only one way to go: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition," because there is no God, no Christ, who can bring peace. Red believes, as animals, humans only understand and obey one thing: fear. So, when a Los Alamos colleague invites Red to become part of a scientific team that will test The Shroud of Turin, the alleged burial cloth of Christ—for authenticity—Red willingly joins the team. In his mind, Red will do the world a favor by scientifically proving once and for all, that the Shroud—and all the "faith" it stands for—is fake. … Is he right?


By Kim Demmary
Director - Jolyn Johnson
May 24th – June 16th (South Stage)
Premiere performance!!

SHE is a compelling play that intertwines the lives of four women residing in the same historic Victorian house in San Francisco, each from a different decade. As their stores unfold, the play delves into their struggles with personal demons, relationship love, loss, and abuse, self-discovery and the power of reflection.


The Light Remains 
Youth Project 
Written for The Elite Theatre Company
By Arriana Rodriguez 
Director - Hayley Silvers 
July 19th – August 18th (Main Stage) 
Premiere performance !!

Eva Kravitz and Faye Dumont are at a pivotal point in their lives, the end of their high school career. As they go to class, get ready for prom, and prepare themselves for graduation, Eva suddenly passes away, and Faye is left without her best friend. The Light Remains is a show about love and loss, learning to grieve while tackling the guilt of continuing to live your life, when someone else has lost theirs.


By William Missouri Downs 
Director - Stephanie Bates 
September 13th – October 6th (South Stage) 
First time performed in California!!

Dr. Helen Hand is drowning in student debt, the repo man is stalking her Saab, and she has zero prospects. What the hell was she thinking getting a PhD in English Lit? So, when Grace Bible College calls offering her a teaching job, she drunkenly agrees to leave Berkeley, California, and move to rural Kansas. The problem - she's a liberal, agnostic and gluten intolerant. She enters a world of rigid moral rules: no smoking, no alcohol, no interracial dating, and no sex. She sets out to take this fundamentalist college into the twenty-first century. This comedy examines faith, reason, and our divided country.


October 18th – November 24th (Main Stage)
Details coming soon...

The Light Remains

Jul 19 - Aug 18, 2024

Life on My Knees

Sep 13 - Oct 06, 2024


Oct 18 - Nov 17, 2024