Conundrum Theatre Company (CTC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company based in Burbank, California.

Conundrum Theatre Company's mission is to build a collaborative, diverse community by generating opportunities for experienced performers with traditional day jobs and building skills for both youth and adults to empower them to create, produce, and perform in innovative, high-quality theatrical productions in Los Angeles County.

Conundrum was created to support a community of artists that are underrepresented in the Los Angeles theatrical community. Under representation includes: choice of shows and casting that prioritize certain voices over others; costs of training and rehearsal as prohibitive for those who need to pay bills; schedule challenges for those with careers/day jobs and/or families; children not having adequate arts access in schools, etc.

The artistic goals of Conundrum are to 

  • Produce classic, contemporary, and lesser-known musicals with innovative casting to create an inclusive, exciting, and affordable experience for actors and audience members
  • Seek out, cultivate, and produce original plays and musicals from Southern California artists
  • Offer educational workshops and classes in acting, singing, dancing, directing, and more.

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