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We're currently raising money! Visit the fundraising pages below to learn more.

Theatre Arts Patron

Would you, a group of your friends, or your company like to be a Patron of our Theatre Season! We would love your support, and have some extra perks! Imagine the Renaissance without the Medici's or Indigenous Theatre Practice without its community - it would not function! We need you, your friends, your boss, your neighbor, your generous grandmother who loves giving to young artist pursuits! We welcome them all (and their checkbooks)!

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Design Arts Patron

Every year in our black box theatre we rent a lighting rig and board. This year we are looking to cover the cost of our rental through donations. Become a patron of the design arts and enough some amazing perks for helping our department out!

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Vocal Arts Patron

This year our Vocal team would like to soundproof our vocal room. This will help with the acoustics both within the Vocal room but also improve the sound leakage into the hallways.

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Dance Arts Patron

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Instrumental Arts Patron

The more instruments we can provide for our students, the more instruments they can learn! We'd like to increase our supply of in house instruments as well as do some repair and maintenance work on the ones we already have. This purchase will allow our students increased access to the best quality tools for music!

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