"Act well your part; for there all honour lies" - Alexander Pope

Our theatre: Capital City Theatre was founded in 2019, and this is our fifth school year of productions. CCHS Theatre is a proud troop member of the International Thespian Society (ITS), which we joined a couple of years back. We have produced 7 different shows as well as hosted small events such as an improv night, monologue night, short film festival, and many others! We are so excited to continue to inspire CCHS students and parents to appreciate the arts of theatre and every small part that goes into it. We have opportunities for students both on stage and behind the scenes. From operating the soundboard to having a lead role, we encourage students to be themselves and inspire those around them. 

Our mission: Capital City High School Theatre aims to educate and inspire CCHS students to pursue the creation of theatre art through participation in high-quality productions. We strive for excellence, to train our students in both on-stage and backstage theatre craft, and to give our students ownership in a program that is truly theirs. 


                                                                                                        2023-2024 Officers


                        President                             Sara Ogden (senior)


                      Vice President                          Payton Ratcliff (junior)


                           Secretary                                   Anusha Bichkar (sophomore)


                         Treasurer                               Audrey Freeman (senior)

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