ArtStream is a nonprofit that provides performing arts opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the DMV area.


ArtStream’s talented Teaching Artists lead a variety of workshops and classes for groups, schools, and private organizations, as well as individuals looking to “perform their art out.”  Classes are designed for people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), including autism. Learning through the arts is empowering. Classes/programs build upon entertaining and demanding games that encourage participants to be creative, to pay attention to others, to listen, to respond, and to engage with others. Classes/programs foster social connections as participants practice communication skills like eye contact, listening, and self-awareness. In the process, participants build their confidence, discover their creativity and strengths, and expand their capabilities and self-awareness.  

Theatre Classes

ArtStream classes are accessible, empowering, and engaging. Participants learn performing arts and social skills through inclusive participation. All ArtStreamers are valued for their creative contributions. At ArtStream we work together, learn from each other, and Perform Our Art Out. 

Participants should be able to function in groups of up to 30 people with 1:4 staffing; independently meet self-care needs; follow directions; and demonstrate respectful, safe behavior at all times. Registration for ArtStream classes and performing companies is open to adults 18+. Classes for younger students are frequently offered in partnership with local organizations or schools.


  • Dance & Movement
  • Drama & Storytelling
  • Improv
  • Musical Theatre
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Workplace Communication
  • Public Speaking


In addition to workshops and classes, ArtStream has six theatre companies and two cabaret companies that rehearse and perform across the DMV area. Participants must be 18+ and have taken at least one ArtStream class in order to be eligible to audition. 

ArtStream Theatre Companies

Tuition: $800 (Scholarships available upon request)

Actors develop and perform an original musical over the course of six months. The company votes on a theme, creates original characters, and improvises scenes. Scenes are then scripted to become an original one-act musical to be presented before a live audience. 

Cabaret Companies

Tuition: $400 (Scholarships available upon request)

Actors agree on a theme, and then each actor works with the choreographer and music director to develop solo and small group music, dance, or drama performances over the course of three months. The Maryland and Virginia Cabaret companies each perform twice a year, in the Winter and Spring.

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