The South Vermillion Theatre Program is an extra-curricular high school program at South Vermillion High School. Though technically a "high school" program, we often invite students in grades 4 through 8 to audition to be a part of our productions, because we believe that theatre is a medium that transcends all ages. We also believe that theatre and the performing arts are of significant value in a student's education. Through involvement with the theatre, students are able to learn the value of critical feedback, comprehend the world through empathy, develop cognitive abilities, enhance communication with their peers, build self-confidence, and explore varying emotions in a safe, creative environment.

In its seventh season under the direction of Mrs. Jacqueline Roberts, the SV Theatre Program offers a scholarship to students who have participated in the program, and are planning to continue their higher education in any of the Performing Arts fields. We believe in supporting our students as they strive to attain their dreams, and this scholarship is one small way we are able to do so.