About Five Year Anniversary Celebration

Join Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh actors past and present for a night of music, food, and drama! Talented young artists take you through five years of Shakespeare productions, from humble beginnings right here in Shaler. Support youth-led local theater today!

Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh

The Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh (YSSP) was founded in 2019 by high school students with the express purpose of making engagement with Shakespeare’s history and works more accessible to youth throughout the Pittsburgh area. The main tenets of the YSSP’s mission are to:

  • Provide an organization through which teens can gain experience directing, designing, and performing in Shakespeare productions.
  • Sponsor upwards of one full length production a year/season.
  • Introduce more opportunities for youth to learn, read, and engage with Shakespeare throughout the Pittsburgh area, but with a starting emphasis on Shaler and surrounding townships.
  • Celebrate and acknowledge young local talent and give them a platform to develop.

Through this, the YSSP wants to foster an interest in Shakespeare and other classical works from a young age, and provide hands-on learning experiences for anyone interested. The YSSP hopes to bring Shakespeare to youth who otherwise may not have the opportunity in exciting and fresh ways.