Brunch with Britt Featured

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CEO of Cooking with Love
Brittanie Love
The visionary for Brunch with Britt
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Asia Greene-Rhodes
Author of the new book, Worthy of Love.
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Chris Stone
Musical Entertainment
Mimosa Bar
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Terrell Tha Jewler Jenkins
Musical Entertainment
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Creative Director
Herman Greene

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World Stage Theatre-

World Stage Theatre is a multi-cultural, multi-generational arts organization with a focus on history, literature, music, and traditional and original works designed to catapult performers and audience members into social consciousness by integrating fantasy, fiction, and a pinch of reality.

The mission of World Stage Theatre is to provide exploration, experience, and exposure to underserved youth curious about the arts, providing culturally relevant storytelling through arts education, performances, and community events.

Through arts, education, and advocacy, we create platforms to elevate disregarded voices while building bridges of unity to disband isms.