About The Mark Croft Trio

Mark Croft is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist who has always been unafraid to break the genre barriers.  Croft takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles and blends them into his own Roots, Rock & Americana-based approach to songwriting, infusing soulful performances with infectious rhythms and unforgettable melodies.  His booming baritone vocals, finely crafted songs, and ability to navigate his six-string with superiority, has garnered him praise as the classic triple-threat.  

With six albums of original material to his name, Croft released his latest studio project, the Southbound Walking Northward EP in 2019.  He is joined by violinist extraordinaire Jon Vriesacker and journeyman bassist Dan Kennedy.

Wolf River Theatrical Troupe

The Wolf River Theatrical Troupe is a non-profit community theatre that has been performing since 1982.

Troupe Mission:  To bring a variety of quality performing arts to our area. To encourage, support and promote community participation and appreciation of theatre and the fine arts.

Actors & Staff:  The Troupe is entirely volunteer. All officers as well as productions staff receive their "rewards" in the form of camaraderie, good fun, hard work and a sense of pride.  Auditions are open to all interested individuals. Behind the scenes help and craftsmen are always needed.

Annual Activities:  The Troupe plans 4-6 full-length productions per year.  We sponsor several Guest Artists and work with the local high schools in staging their productions and concerts.  We also offer a children's summer theatre workshop entitled "Scripts, Stage and Escapades" to those ages 8-18.  The children are introduced to actions, theatre history, theatre tech and production essentials.  The program culminates in a production.  You will also see us at various New London celebrations.