About The Wizard of Oz

The show The Wizard of Oz is about a girl named Dorothy Gale from Kansas. Her dog was going to get taken away from her so she decided to run away. In the process a tornado goes through Kansas. Her attempt to run away makes it so she doesn’t get into the storm cellar in time and hits her head. She gets trapped in a magical world called Oz with munchkins and witches. She runs into a Scarecrow, Tinman, and a Lion on the way to see a Wizard to wish to come home. In order to fulfill all the characters wishes the four friends have to go on a journey with many obstacles, including a Wicked Witch, to make it to the Wizard in order to all get what they have longed for.

-Julia A.

Whitehall Drama Club

Whitehall drama club has done many productions over the years for the community of Whitehall. In 2004 Whitehall performed the Wizard of Oz and now will be doing it again! We truly appreciate the time and energy Melissa Clark and Rachel Waters put into these shows. Drama club has been a great outlet for us theater lovin' kids to express ourselves. We spend countless hours together rehearsing and perfecting these performances. We are like one big family. 

-Olivia W., Preston B., Sam H.