Elf Jr. Cast

Preston Bakemeier (Buddy the Elf)
My name is Preston Bakemeier I am a senior at Whitehall Central School, I have been doing drama for 4 years now. I’ve done Sister Act, High School Musical, Wizard of Oz, and I will be doing Elf Jr and Chicago. I will be playing as Buddy in our upcoming production Elf Jr. I would like to mention that I’ve been accepted into Area All State and I can’t wait for that.
Julia Arquette (Jovie)
Hi, my name is Julia Arquette and I am playing Jovie in this upcoming production of Elf Jr. I played Martha Cox in High School Musical Jr., and I was a nun in Sister Act.
Sebastian Sheehy (Walter Hobbs)
My name is Sebastian Sheehy. I've been in Wizard Of Oz, Sister Act and High School Musical. I joined drama to be able to make people laugh.
Louis Pratt (Mr. Greenway)
In 9th grade I was eager to join Drama Club. During that year we put on Sister Act and I have many small roles including Ernie, the Pool Player, a Fantasy Dancer, and an Altar Boy. During my sophomore year of Drama Club we put on HSM and I was Jack Scott, and a Jock. My Junior year I was Oz, as well as many ensemble roles, in The Wizard of Oz I joined Drama Club because I could do two of my favorites things, dancing and being dramatic, while being around some of my closest friends. My younger self would always watch the productions out on and desire to be in them. Drama Club is a great safe and judgement free space to be yourself. I would like to thank my family and friends for the continuous support (and rides when I wasn’t licensed). I would also like to thank Mrs Clark and Mrs Waters for being the best Drama advisors and listening to my crazy ideas as well as always helping us put on the best shows
Nora Combs (Emily Hobbs)
My name is Nora Combs, I am a senior playing Emily Hobbs. I joined drama this year for the experience. I also have a talent for art and assist in painting the sets.
Emily Lyng (Deb)
This is my fourth year in drama. I played a nun in Sister Act and Ms. Tenny in High School Musical Jr. Last year I was Glinda the Good Witch. I decided to join drama because I love to sing, act and dance. I would like to thank my family for all their love and support
Melanie Vandenburgh (Manager)
This is my second show. I was Ensemble for Wizard of Oz. But in years past I have helped with backstage and concession. I decided to join drama because it seems like a fun environment where I can be myself and become more comfortable on stage. I would like to thank my parents for putting up with my crazy schedule and being there to support me.
Ava Stone (Ensemble)
I joined drama to try something new and to show people Im not shy or scared to walk up on that stage and act,dace and sing in front of people and im grateful for my mom and dad for taking some of there time out of there day to bring me to cheer and drama practice
Alex Fenton (Ensemble)
Alex loves his dog Bella and Winnie the Pooh… and Muffin :)
Anna McGee (Shawanda, Ensemble)
Hello , I'm Anna. I joined drama because I enjoy acting, and being myself. I've have done a play before and it was Peter Pan JR play, and I was a lost boy! Now i'm the munchkin mayor in the wizard of oz and I have only but my parents to thank for encouraging me to try my best in auditions. Love you Mom and Dad, and of course you too Case, thank you.
Charlotte Townsend (Ensemble)
Hello my name is Charlotte Townsend, I've only been in drama since last year but it has still been one heck of a ride! I casted in High School Musical of 2021 and I am now casted in this years upcoming Wizard of Oz of 2022! (I'm only in ensemble though, but it is still just as an important role) I joined drama club because first of all, Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Waters are obviously AWESOME, and it's a nice outing for me to have fun with my friends and be myself! A very special thanks to Mrs Clark, Mrs Waters and the school for letting us have this opportunity, and a thanks for my family who will hopefully be able to see our show this year!
Amber Lafayette 
Hi I’m amber this is my third year in drama I was in sister act and high school musical. This year I am on ensemble.
Quinn Egan (Mother, Ensemble)
I have been in drama club for 3 years. I joined drama because I love to sing and dance.
Ensemble (Spencer Tremaine)
Hi I'm Spencer I play an Ozian, Munchkin, and a red poppy. I've never been in any other productions before, this is my first time. I decided to join drama because of my love for music and theater
Ensemble (Eryana Huntington)
THis is my first year in drama club. I am a crow, red poppy, munchkin, and ozian
Cohan Norman (Santa)
My name is Cohan Norman if you couldn't tell. I'm playing Santa Claus in Elf Jr. this year. This is my first musical but it for sure won't be my last. I joined drama club this year because I was told I had a good singing voice by my mother and friends. I enjoy writing, drawing, and singing.
Zeanna Baker (Teenager)
This is my first production on stage with Drama Club. I was stage crew last year.
Annon Breault (Charlie)
Hey there! I’m Annon. I’m a freshman, and I’m playing Charlie the Elf in Elf Jr. Last year, I was Junie B. Jones in All Together Now! and one of the three Optimistic Voices in the Wizard of Oz, as well as a Munchkin, a crow, a poppy, an Ozian, and a Jitterbug. I'm so excited for another fantastic drama season this year!