About Totally Gone with the Wind

               Totally Gone with the Wind

A Royalty Free MusicalCivil-War

Scarlet O’Hara never had it so good — because two scam artists are about to bring Disco to Dixie. Designed to out-produce The Producers, Totally Gone with the Wind is the story of two lovable scoundrels who set out to create a Broadway flop by turning an American literary classic into a 1970s musical disaster.

Don’t miss the fun, as our two low-lifes commission, audition and cast a show designed to bring the audience to their feet and send them right out the door. If our producers can close the show on the first night, they can take the investors’ money and run. It seems like a fool-proof plan, especially when the actor playing Scarlet turns out to be a man.

But even fools can’t guarantee failure. Because when the curtain rises, and the strains of ‘Copa, Copa Cabana’ become ‘Scarlet, Scarlet O’Hara, that cute little read-head from Tara’, success is off and running. And by the time a battalion of Union soldiers is onstage out-singing the Village People with Y.A.N.K and Sherman is in Atlanta belting Disco Inferno, the show is destined to survive — even longer than Gloria Gaynor’s big hit.

It’s a tangled web, indeed. Filled with crazy characters, magnificent costumes, lots of laughs, and great-sounding, heart-pounding music!


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