The Mission of Capital Area School for the Arts(CASA) Charter School is to provide students with a rich, rigorous, arts-infused high school program that enables them to succeed in college and careers.

The Capital Area School for the Arts Charter School will be the significant and innovative provider of multidisciplinary arts and academic education to creative students.  It will attract the most talented and motivated students and be a model for 21st century learning.
Our Commitment: 
CASA is committed to:
*placing students in classrooms in downtown sites in and near local arts and educational organizations.
*employing Pennsylvania certified teachers and professional guest artists as instructors in advanced courses in the arts, including master classes, lectures, and symposia.
*teaching a high quality, standards-based, hybrid academic curriculum. 
*keeping classes small so that students receive individualized instruction.
*developing a 21st century learning environment. 
*creating a curriculum that is based on a yearly theme.
*offering opportunities for independent project work, portfolio development, and community service.
*meeting and exceeding state standards.
*upholding an admissions process that is competitive and based on high artistic performance standards.
*providing career counseling, including the college and university admission process.
*offering professional development opportunities for teachers.
*providing preparation and coaching for special academic and artistic programs.


Weary Arts Group (WAG) is dedicated to the advancement of arts education for students of all ages in the York area, as well as abroad. We believe that excellent training in the arts leads to greater leaders in all fields and careers. Comprised of artists, educators and community leaders, we recognize the power the arts has to transform a community. Through thoughtful partnership and training, we will utilize amenities offered to us by the city of York to affect the academic and social growth of our community. Building a wide range of specialty arts based classes with a “living curriculum” serves the city, county and creates a global neighborhood. This offering will allow us to be a community outreach center and safe haven for all. Arts for everyone!