Disney's Aladdin Dual Language Edition Cast

Lillian McNally (Royal Translator)
Lillian McNally, age 15, is in 9th grade here at York Academy. She has been involved with Dreamwrights shows before such as The Little Mermaid (ensemble) and James and the Giant Peach (Earthworm). She is excites to start off York Academy's theatre program with this ambitious production.
Mia Brand (Ensemble, Prince "The Artist")
Mia Brand, is a 9th grader at the York Academy Upper School. She sings and plays some instruments, but this is her first professional theater experience (Ensemble). In spite of being an amateur, she's ready to kick off her performing arts skills with this production.
Michaelina O’Rourke (Royal Translator)
Michaelina O’Rourke, is in 9th grade at York Academy. She has experience as a member ensemble and minor roles in plays, but this is her first musical. She’s excited to try to juggle dancing, singing, acting, and using her Spanish skills all at once without failing, hopefully.
Paige Mullins (Razú)
Paige Mullins, is in 9th grade at York Academy. She has sung in front of many people and she also plays the bass. She is excited to play her first real role in the Aladdin DLE Musical as Razú(The head guard).
Erica Baum (Royal Translator)
Erica Baum, is a 9th grader at the York Academy Upper School. She’s been a lead singer in a music band for about 3 years and has been drawn to the performing arts for her entire life. This musical was the first thing she’s ever auditioned for. She loves creating characters out of what is given to her and strives to do the best she can in the performance in order to make an impact on the York Academy theatre program.
Troi Steele (Genie)
Troi Steele, is a 9th grader at York Academy. She has done performing arts ever since age 10, where she preformed in the June Show via Greater York Dance (Jazz). She has taken both ballet (6 months) and jazz (1 year). Troi has done musicals such as The Lion King (Pumbaa), The Wiz (Ensemble), The Little Mermaid (Jetsam) and now, Aladdin DLE (Genie).
Kianjohnay Benjamin-Abrantes (Abu)
Kianjohnay Benjamin-Abrantes, is an 8th grader at the York Academy Upper School. She sings, dances, and has played the piano (4 years) and the violin (5 years). This is her first time in professional musical theater with Weary Arts. She is excited to play the role of Abu after many changes throughout the show and can't wait to continue her career in theater.
Sergio Paul (Jafar)
Sergio Paul, is a 9th grader at the York Academy Upper School. He enjoys performing on several musical instruments, (Violin, guitar, piano, and cello) but this is his first theater experience. He is very excited to be apart of York Academy's very first production.
Heaven Charles (Rajah)
Heaven Charles, is in 8th grade at York Academy Upper School. This is her first theater act performance. She has taken a few short dance classes and cheered for three years but not special or similar to this. Nonetheless she is ready and excited to start off Yor Academy's theatre program and to be here.
Joy Agummadu (Iago)
Joy Agummadu, is a freshman at York Academy Regional Upper School. She loves food, family, and long rehearsals until 9. She is involved in a lot of extracurricular today such as this musical. She is honored and excited to be in York Academy's first ever musical. She has always been interested in it and is always welcome to feedback as she knows it will only help her to excel.
Keliyah Drayden-Seller (Ensemble, Guardia, Prince)
Keliyah Drayden-Seller, is a freshman at York Academy Regional Upper School. She enjoys food, her family, food and learning new interesting things. She participates in other after school activities, one would be participating in York Academy’s first school musical/production. She is always looking forward to supporting criticism and knows how to accept it.
Zion Peterson (Royal Translator)
Zion Peterson, is a freshmen at York Academy Regional Upper School. He has experience in being with Dreamwrights over last summer with performing Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (Mr.Salt). What I'm interested in becoming an actor and helping people who are in need as much as i possibly can. He is very happy and grateful to be apart of the York academy theater program and grow better bonds and connections and make people proud.
Karissa Dorsey (Ensemble, Guardia)
Karissa Dorsey, is a freshman at York Academy Regional Upper School. She has experience with plays at the Strand. She also enjoys baton and dance. (And Dinosaurs and Llamas obviously :3)
Ian Yague-Cowfer (Aladdin)
Ian Yague-Cowfer, is in grade 8th, He has been in two plays as ensemble, he enjoys dance, has somewhat of a social life,
Joel Perez (Sultán)
Joel Perez is a sophomore in the Criminal Justice technical area at York Tech. He has worked with the Weary Arts Group at his high school for the plays “Alice in Wonderland” as the White Rabbit, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as Demetrius and “In the Heights” as Usnavi. He enjoys the arts, singing and rapping.
Angela Gonzalez (Jazmín)
Angela Gonzalez is a junior at York Tech. She studies Communication Technology, and is from York City. Angela previously played the role of Crystal in Little Shop of Horrors, and also stage managed for Alice in Wonderland. Most recently, she played the role of Daniela in York Tech's production of In The Heights.
Jah’Vannah Bartley (Magic Carpet)
Jah’Vannah Bartley, is a 8th grader at York Academy. She has taken dance classes in Comtempary, modern, ballet, etc for 4 years. Jah’Vannah has been in past shows such as Lion King Jr (antelope), The Wiz (Ensemble) for 2 years in a row, The last American Dragon (Citizens), Aladdin (Magic Carpet). Jah’Vannah would like to Thank You Weary Arts group for a wonderful support system , God for anointing her to dance.