The Addams Family – A New Musical Cast

Gomez Addams (Gavin Rutsch)
Gavin Has been doing theater off and on for about eight years. He has held roles from main characters to ensemble singer. Some of Gavin's favorite roles have been under the direction of Mr. Davis; including: Leonard Scrubbs in "Terror by Gaslight," to Pete in "Almost Maine." Gavin strives to put his very best into every part he plays. Gavin hopes to leave an impact on those who know him both on and off stage and can't wait for the performances to come. He would like to thank his family for pushing him to do even better and for not getting too mad that theater takes up a lot of time.
Morticia Addams (Citlali Arzabala)
Citlali is excited to be working on an amazing show with such a wonderful cast and crew. She is passionate about singing and has accomplished state finalist with BETA club and Chamber Choir. On top of being a part of the show, Citlali also encourages her student body as the president of her class. Being an athlete is also a part of her life such as track and field. She would like to thank her family and friends for their never-ending love and support.
Fester Addams (Lailah Clark*)
Lailah has now been in four shows at WHS, from her Freshman to her Sophomore year. Her most notable role was playing Gin Hester in "Terror by Gaslight" written by Tim Kelly in her early sophomore year. She aspires to not only act but help in future shows and productions throughout high school. She would like to show her gratitude to her family, fellow actors, and crew. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Wednesday Addams (Emily Minnick)
Emily is performing for her first time as a senior in “The Addams Family” and couldn’t be more excited. She feels very lucky to be doing this fantastic show with an equally fantastic cast and crew. To have this space to share her love for theatre is the best thing she’s found since coming to WHS. She is an avid fan of musical theatre thanks to spending her younger years watching her sister perform in plays and choir performances. After high school, her plan is to major in musical theatre and hopes to continue with it during and after college. She sends big thanks and lots of love to her family and friends.
Grandma Addams (Sophia Geniuk*)
Sophia has been an active member in the WHS Drama Club onstage and off. She was an usher for "Almost, Maine," was the understudy for Mrs. Culp in "Terror By Gaslight," and was Michelle in the one act "Please Don’t Be My Drama Teacher." Sophia is hoping to do something with theatre beyond high school. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Pugsley Addams (Larissa Sitek*)
Larissa (Pugsley, Sound Crew) has been doing theatre since 5th grade but has only come onto the semi-professional scene this year. She loves all things theatre and hopes to minor in the theatric arts. While she does have plenty of people to thank for their support in her career, she wants to thank her 5th-grade choir teacher, Mrs. Mason, for casting her as the lead role in their spring musical, "Pirates! The Musical." *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Lurch (Ethan Beattie*)
Ethan has participated in theater at Waynesville High School since before he was a student, having acted in "Our Town" and "Life With Father." As a student he has acted in "1940s Radio Hour," "Shakespeare in Hollywood," "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World," "Death Takes a Holiday," "Terror by Gaslight," and "Please Don’t Be My Drama Teacher." Ethan has already been accepted to Missouri State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and AMDA. He plans on attending MSU this Fall. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669*member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Mal Beineke (Aaren Charbonier*)
Aaren has been doing theatre since he started high school. Working as stage crew for "Almost Maine," sound for "Terror By Gaslight," and was in the winter student directed one acts. He hopes to continue doing theatre and performing arts after high school. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Alice Beineke (Viola Simram*)
Viola’s excited about being a part of this production and she’s so happy to have her friends here with her. Being a sophomore, she’s been interested in theatre for a while and only recently started to get involved this year. She’s worked as crew in “Terror by Gaslight” and was cast in the one act “The Doctor Will See You Now” for the winter one-acts. She’s also in Chamber Choir and has made both districts and state for solos and hopes to gain more experience. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Lucas Beineke (Connor Sutterley*)
Connor has done theatre since his Freshman year at WHS. Some of his favorite roles include Daryl in "Shakespeare in Hollywood" and Dr. Edward Daniels in "Terror By Gaslight." Connor has also been in several shows at the Theater on the Square (PFAA) in downtown Waynesville. Some of those roles include Peter van Daan in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and Jim Nightshade in "Something Wicked This Way Comes." Connor also enjoys watching and talking about sports and wants to be a Sports Broadcaster later in life. Next year, Connor will be majoring in Communications at Purdue University. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Creepy Doll (ancestor) (Samantha Partridge)
Aviatress (ancestor) (Isabella Sullivan)
This is Izzy’s first theater performance but she also grew up a dancer and Gymnast. She was a part of the makeup and costume crew for "Terror By Gaslight" before being cast in the current production. Izzy also has a passion for music production and songwriting and was in Waynesville High School’s women's choir last year. After high school she hopes to study Environmental Science and Biology in college.
Hippie (ancestor) (Talia Johnson*)
Talia has been in the winter one acts like “Say Goodbye to the Clown” and “Drop dead juliet”. Talia is also in the school’s Chamber Choir, was apart of the dance team and is also a cheerleader for the upcoming school year. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Saloon Girl (ancestor) (Bonnie Tyson*)
Bonnie has been acting for three years and has been seen as Juliet in "Drop Dead Juliet," Kitty in Terror By Gaslight," Denna in "Almost, Maine," Betty in "A Murdered Mystery," and as Megan in "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World." She has also worked behind the scenes in various crew positions (costumes, makeup, and set). Bonnie is a member of Chamber Choir, Student Government, the Freshman Mentor Program, and the Cheer team. She aspires to be in more high school productions and become a model. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Puritan (ancestor) (Lexi Schulz*)
*member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Flapper (ancestor) (Mycha Humphrey*)
Mycha is making her debut on the Waynesville High School stage as The Flapper in "The Addam’s Family." She was also selected as the dance captain for this production. She is a member of Thespian Troupe 1669 and worked stage crew for "Terror by Gaslight," (Lead Makeup artist) and the Winter One Acts. Mycha is not a stranger to the stage as is a member of The School of Performing Arts competition dance team in Lebanon, MO. She has performed as The Crazy Uncle in "Mary Poppins," Pumba in "The Lion King," and multiple roles in "The Nut Cracker" including: Rat King, Clara, a mouse, and a soldier. She has won many awards performing Musical Theater dance solos since she began on the competition team at the age of 7. Some of her performances include My New Philosophy, The Greatest Star, I Can’t Say No and Journey From the Past. Mycha is planning to attend the Musical Theater classes presented by The Julliard School in Orlando, Florida this summer. Mycha enjoys Theater and being a member of the WHS Drama Club. She hopes to be in many more plays on the WHS stage.Dance Captain *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Riveter (ancestor) (Shyanne Davis*)
Shyanne has been a Stage Manger for many of the productions at WHS; both main stage and the and the student one acts. This is her first time acting on the WHS stage and is ready to do many more shows as an actor. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Flight Attendant (ancestor) (Mallorie Goodwin*)
Mallorie has been involved in theatre for six years within the Waynesville School District. Some of her favorite roles include Lydia in "Shakespeare in Hollywood," as well as, Glory in "Almost, Maine." Mallorie will be attending Washington University in St. Louis in the fall and hopes to study psychology and political science. She is grateful to the WHS theatre community for all of the fun and friendship they have given her in the last four years. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Countess (ancestor) (Alivia Rolls*)
Alivia is a junior, and this is her third year in theatre. In her three years she’s played various roles and worked with crew. Her favorite experiences include: her role as Rhonda in "Almost, Maine," directing a one act play, and being in previous dinner theatres. She would like to thank her friends for all the fun she had the last three years. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Bride (ancestor) (Isabella (Bella) Yeo*)
Bella has now been a part of the Drama Club and the Thespian society for over two years now. She participated in both crew and cast for "Almost Maine," and previous dinner theaters. Bella was a director for the winter One Acts, and now is a part of the ensemble for "Adams Family the Musical." Bella hopes to eventually attend SBU and continue her learning in Criminal Justice while still being very theatrical along the way. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Priate (ancestor) (Sarah Lloyd)
Sarah has been in Drama Club since September 2021 and played in the Winter One Acts as Sister Lawrence in "Drop Dead Juliet." Before that she worked behind the scenes as props and stage crew. Sarah enjoys Drama Club and hopes to be in many more plays to come.
Prom Queen (ancestor) (Baille Clayton)
Bailee has been in the WHS Drama Club for almost a year. Bailee was the assistant stage manager for the winter one acts and has helped with costumes, makeup, and set building. She wants to keep participating in the drama program as she looks at becoming a professional makeup artist. She is also a part of mixed choir.
Twin 1 (ancestor) (Savannah Sutterley*)
This is Savannah's debut on the WHS stage. Last semester she worked stage crew for "Terror By Gaslight" and Winter One Acts. Savannah was also in the Talent Show at the PFAA. *member of Thespian Troupe 1669
Twin 2 (ancestor) (Montara Owens)
Montara is a freshman and has participated in the recent winter one acts and is now a part of the ensemble for "The Addams Family" Musical. She is also a part of the Tiger Pride Band, and enjoys drawing in her free time. Montara hopes to go to NYU and study astrophysics.
Nurse (ancestor) (Hailey Sansom)
This is Hailey’s first year of doing high school theatre and being part of the drama club. She has worked in the crew for "Terror By Gaslight," and now is in the ensemble for "Addams Family" the Musical. Hailey hopes to get into Missouri State for a degree in history and literature while being in theatre along the way.