The Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow Cast

Kate Griffith (Story Teller 1)
Kate Griffith is an 8th-grader. She loves musical theatre and hopes to one day be a Broadway actress. She plays basketball, likes to bake, and loves to study Geography. Her favorite musical is Beetlejuice the Musical and her birthday is November 23, 2009. Kate is also in the National Junior Beta Club. Kate doesn’t have much experience, but she hopes to do well and have fun while performing!
Brilee Brazell (Story Teller 2)
Brilee Brazell is a freshman here at Wardlaw Academy. She has been attending here since K-4, has participated in many school events, and has been very involved. She enjoys playing sports like volleyball, basketball, and softball. She is also very involved at her church and sings, as well as play the bass and is learning to play other instruments. She has a huge passion for music and ministry. Here at school she is a historian in Beta Club as well as a Patriot Ambassador. Brilee has participated in lower school events and music events here at Wardlaw and she is super excited to be in her first big production, “The Legends of Sleepy Hollow.”
Olyvia Wall (Story Teller 3)
Olyvia Wall is a freshman in high school who is very involved in sports at school. She plays varsity volleyball, varsity cheerleading, cross country, basketball, and varsity softball. She has been in multiple plays under Strom Thurmond High School Productions in plays like The Addams Family, Aladdin Jr., Shrek: The Musical, and Into the Woods. She’s also been in plays for the Augusta Players. These plays include: Aladdin Jr., and The Jungle Book. Wall has also been in the play It’s A Wonderful Life: A Radio Show for the Patriot Players.
Charlotte Grace Culver (Story Teller 4)
Charlotte Grace Culver is a 7th grader at Wardlaw Academy. She has been attending Wardlaw Academy since 3K. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball. She loves to sing and play the guitar. Charlotte Grace also played Violet and other characters in the Wardlaw production of “ It’s a Wonderful Life.” She is also a participant in the National Junior Beta Club. Charlotte Grace is so excited for the upcoming play, “ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.
Cooper Davis (Ichabod Crane)
Cooper Davis is 14 years old. He has been in one play before this one which was "It’s a Wonderful Life," where he played Henry Heyward. Cooper is very involved in his school activities and in his extracurriculars. He is class representative for the 9th grade, a member of the Senior Beta Club, a Patriot Ambassador, and an FCA Leader. Outside of school, he has been to an engineering camp and many other sport camps.
Kya McCormick (Katrina Van Tassel)
Kya McCormick is a 16 year old artist who enjoys being creative. She has acted in one play at Wardlaw Academy acting as a vampire girl and a soccer mom. She loves playing softball and has always wanted to play a role in Hamilton, preferably Jefferson or if she had the ability to sing then Eliza.
Christopher Jolly (Brom Bones)
Christopher Jolly is a freshman at Wardlaw Academy. He plays football and baseball. He is 14 and he works with his cousin in landscaping. He also helped his dad when he owned stores in the county. Christopher has been in a play at Parker elementary school where he played Abraham Lincoln. He has also been in choir at Edgefield First Baptist Church.
Noah Whatley (Baltrus Van Tassel)
Noah Whatley is a student at Wardlaw Academy. He has been going there since 5th grade. He does Cross Country and has been running for 2 years.
Brooklyn Proctor (School Girl (Betty Bones))
Brooklyn Proctor is a 7th grader here at Wardlaw Academy. She plays volleyball and basketball, and she played a Sound Engineer in last year’s production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” here at Wardlaw. Her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift.
Nathalie Dorn (Servant/Messenger)
Nathalie Dorn is a 7th grader at Wardlaw. She participates in volleyball and cheer at school, and outside of school she likes to do stunts on her rope swing.
Avon Webb (Gunpowder)
Avon Webb is a freshman. He is originally from Colorado and moved to Edgefield, SC in May of 2021. He plays Football and Basketball. Some of his hobbies include hunting and fishing. He lives with his Mom, Dad, Brother, and three dogs.
Andrew Bearden (Horseman Voiceover)
Andrew Bearden began performing at a young age in projects of various forms. His theatre work includes Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," Abe Goldman in "Beau Jest," and Dr. Armstrong in "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie. He has worked in several films including "Bryn Gets a Job" and "Bryn Gets a Life" (Greg), as well as background work in the "Divergent" film series. He has done voicework for various audiobooks, animation and commercial work. Andrew is currently creating and producing music and music videos in Asheville, North Carolina.