VivMo Shorts: Fairy Tales & Folklore Cast & Crew

Abigail Tompkins (Dancer)
Abigail has been dancing with Vivid Motion for several years. She's getting married this summer and can't wait to show off her moves at the wedding!
Amelia Thaxter (Dancer)
As an experienced musician, Amelia wasn't sure what to expect in her first show with Vivid Motion, but she felt welcomed the moment she stepped in the studio. When she's not dancing, Amelia plays flute, sings, and brushes up on her French
Amy Cookson (Dancer)
Amy has been dancing with Vivid Motion for almost five years and is thrilled to finally be a magical creature!
Anabee Beal (Dancer)
Anabee has been studying Middle Eastern Dance for the past 18 years. Her dance is routed in traditional Egyptian/Turkish style. Anabee teaches weekly classes in the L/A area and enjoys sharing the history of the dance with as many Belly Sisters as she can. She also experiments with performing in Mask and Theatrical Dance. Combining these two techniques she is able to explore new emotions and movements through dance.
Breanna Soucy (Dancer, Choreographer)
Bre became a ballerina at a young age and wanted to share plies and arabesques with everyone she knew. She is proud to be joining Vivid Motion on stage for the first official time. Bre is most grateful for the support of her family and her beloved husband, Matt.
Brigitte Paulus (Dancer, Choreographer, Costumer)
Through the challenges of the last year Vivid Motion has been a silver lining. I am happy to dance and stretch my creativity in new ways. While nothing can replace performing for a live audience; being able to run off the front of the stage past the camera or dance in the actual woods has been joyful. I hope you are able to find new joy in your lives too - thank you for letting this show be part of it.
Caelistis Paulus (Dancer)
Caelistis has been dancing with Vivid Motion since 2015, and has been dancing for as long as they can remember. They are 16, and are really happy to be dancing again!
Emma Roesner (Dancer)
Emma loves cats. When she is not cuddling with a cat reading, she can be found outside, most of the time after dragging a friend along with her. She can be kind of a 'slow and steady' type, which has gotten her the nickname of Diesel. This is her third show with VivMo, and she is very excited to hug some trees with her friends!
Emma Tompkins (Dancer, Choreographer)
Emma is happy to be choreographing and dancing once more during this chaotic time! Emma has been dancing for nearly 20 years and choreographing for 9 years! She was very excited to bring the Little Mermaid to life on stage and to work with a fantastic cast of dancers! Emma also adored dancing as Rusalka and Baba Gaga! Please enjoy the show! Lots of Love! :)
Iain Odlin (Lighting Designer)
Iain is doing what he does best, make dancers look beautiful. This time on film. We appreciate him very much (even if he didn't write his bio)
Jenn Maher (Dancer, Choreographer, Director)
In addition to overachieving for this show, Jenn is the president of Vivid Motion's board of directors, a mother and a computer programmer. She hopes you enjoy this show and will continue to enjoy dance wherever you find it.
Jessica Jane Means (Dancer, Costumer)
Jessica has been dancing with Vivid Motion since the beginning; laughing and loving with this motley crew of creative folk. She's proud to serve the company in the role of Artistic Director. She loves cats, tacos, math, and her family although not always in that order. She is currently living in the moment, dancing in the now; won't you be here with her?
Jillian Beaulieu (Dancer)
Jillian is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to perform with Vivid Motion for the spring show of 2021. The creativity of this dance collective continues to both amaze and inspire her. Jillian would especially like to thank her love, Alan, for taking care of all the little rascals so she could dance.
John Larson III (Dancer, Producer)
I had forgotten how much I missed dancing with friends. Dancing through the trees with friends is even better.
Maren Root (Dancer)
This is Maren's second (actually happening) show with Vivid Motion. It would have been three, except - well you know. She hopes you enjoy seeing her dance as a Rusalka.
Michelle Kapschull (Dancer, Graphic Designer)
Michelle is: (a poem by the person writing her bio for her) - Kind, Sweet, Generous, Intelligent, Creative, and Awesome!
MJ Emerson (Dancer, Choreographer)
MJ is enjoying both being in the creative seat again, and working on such a great show. Thank you to both dancers and choreographers for a wonderful experience, and to you, our audience, for tuning in.
Natalia Townsend (Dancer)
Natalia has been dancing with Vivid Motion for two years and this is her second performance with them. She is in 7th grade at Lincoln Middle School and is 13 years old.
Rory Turnbull (Dancer)
Rory is happy to be dancing with Vivid Motion for a 3rd year. Here's to more to come.
Sebastian Roesner (Dancer)
Sebastian has been dancing with Vivid Motion since 2017. Actually, Seb has been dancing since 2017, period. During that time he has found the most patient, loving, and fun dance family he could have never imagined. When not dancing he is hugging trees and inanimate objects not to get out of practice. XO VivMo!
Shea Murphy (Videographer)
Fat Sheamus Productions Shea is a life long video geek who has viewed most of his own life from behind a lens. Occasionally seen performing with the cast, he always makes sure to archive EVERYTHING.
Stef Kelly (Videographer)
Hi yes, wait is this thing on? oh...its not recording ok...umm anyways I press the record and off button when I'm told to, I've quite mastered my timing on it.
Stephanie Lalonde (Dancer)
Stephanie is delighted to be dancing again and to bring this show to you in the comfort of your home. Big thanks to the choreographers and everyone behind the scenes who made this possible, and love to Mike, Mom & Dad, and Brando. #xovivmo
Tina Goodman (Dancer)
Theater people make me happy because they find ways to fix things. I'm just thrilled to dance again with excellent people and in person. I missed you guys!
Venus Murphy (Dancer)
Venus is happy to be getting back on stage! She's looking forward to more performances, and seeing your faces in the audience when we can safely gather again!
Wendy Getchell (Dancer, Choreographer)
Wendy is a founding member of Vivid Motion. From Clara to resident modern dance choreographer, it's been a wonderful journey.