About VivMo Shorts: Fairy Tales & Folklore

Fairy Tales and Folklore brought to life by Vivid Motion dancers.

Join us for another edition of VivMo Shorts. this time Fairy Tales & Folklore. We will, of course!

Some classic Mother Goose, a new spin on Hansel and Gretel, and a journey through The Woods are among the tales being told through dance this spring. Each short dance is its own small story filmed in a variety of locations and streamed to the comfort of your home.

These Shorts were put together in an all new way for us.  We had 2 separate casts - to allow more people to dance while still staying at least 6' apart. We wore masks in rehearsals and for the final production. We rehearsed one tale for 3 weeks and then filmed it on the 4th week. So while it's May now - we started this whole project in February! 

We know you'll enjoy this show. If you want to see some of the journey of making it, be sure to check out our Instagram account. 


We love to read too!  We hope you'll enjoy the stories we weave, in this show, and the ones to come.



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