About She Loves Me

Step into the enchanting world of "She Loves Me," where the scent of love mingles with the fragrance of secrets in a 1930s European parfumerie. Georg and Amalia, two sharp-witted colleagues, wage a war of words by day while unknowingly becoming each other's confidants through anonymous letters by night. As their correspondence deepens, revealing truths and vulnerabilities, they discover that the true essence of love lies in the delicate dance of honesty and connection. Join them on a journey where laughter and longing intertwine, and where the pursuit of genuine affection leads to unexpected revelations and heartwarming revelations.

Vanguard Theater

Founded in 2015, Vanguard Theater is a not-for-profit company changing social and cultural narratives through theater dedicated to DREAM: Diversity, Reciprocity, Education, Activism & Mentorship. For more information, visit www.VanguardTheaterCompany.org or find us across social media @VTCNJ and #dreamVTC 

OUR VISION: To be recognized as a model in the theater community for purposeful inclusion of diverse voices and stories; partnerships that propel cross community conversations; and casting and leadership that reflects our communities.