The Incomplete Life & Random Death of Molly Denholtz Cast

Charlotte Liu (Erin/Student Director)
Charlotte is excited to be a part of Torrance high’s fall production of THE INCOMPLETE LIFE & RANDOM DEATH OF MOLLY DENHOLTZ by Ian McWethy. She has also appeared in last year’s productions of LOST GIRL (Psychiatrist) and MEAN GIRLS (Mrs. George). She hopes you enjoy the show and as old Willy Shakes would say “Mine eyes smell like onions.”
Ki Hung (George/Student Director)
MOLLY DENHOLTZ marks Ki's fourth mainstage production at Torrance High. He was recently seen in MEAN GIRLS (Damian), LOST GIRL (Curly), TRIANGLE and SHE KILLS MONSTERS. He would like to thank Mr. Hovis for saving him from a life of debauchery had he not been given the gift of theater.
Thomas Perry (Michael/Student Director)
He is a passionate member of the arts. He loves to tell stories that give meaning like the story of grief in MOLLY DENHOLTZ. Thomas has been with theater for 3 years and doesn’t plan on stopping. He worked on the production of Mean Girls and was casted for a later canceled production as well. He’s overjoyed to play Michael for you all in this year's fall play.
Moon Turner (Nina)
Moon is ecstatic to perform in Torrance High's production of THE INCOMPLETE LIFE & RANDOM DEATH OF MOLLY DENHOLTZ. . They have been in other productions at Torrance high such as LOST GIRL, and MEAN GIRLS. They have also done productions with Puttin' On Productions including DESCENDANTS and CINDERELLA. . Moon also takes singing lessons and Musical Theatre classes at Professional School of the Arts.
Jacey Sluyter (Paige)
Jacey is excited that you’re here, especially reading her bio. She has recently appeared in Torrance’s LOST GIRL, as well as Ambassador’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and ANNIE. She also worked on crew for last year’s production MEAN GIRLS. In this production she gets to play Paige and is super thankful for her opportunity to have this role. She’d like to thank her cats and dog for listening her practice her lines, as well as you for coming here. Enjoy the show!
Alia Stillwell (Tina)
Alia is a sophomore at THS and is so excited and honored to play the role of Tina in MOLLY DENHOLTZ. She has worked behind the scenes of THS other productions such as LOST GIRL and MEAN GIRLS and can't wait to be on stage in such an incredible performance with the people she loves.
Chloe Volpato (Chris)
Chloe is very excited to perform in THE INCOMPLETE LIFE & RANDOM DEATH OF MOLLY DENHOLTZ because this is her first play at Torrance High. When she isn’t on stage, she’s either reading or listening to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.
Robin Baker-Withers (Skylar)
Robin is excited to be a part of MOLLY DENHOLTZ, the first play she’s been in cast for at Torrance High. She worked backstage in LOST GIRL and MEAN GIRLS during her freshman year, and likes to spend her free time drawing.
Marisa McLean (Lainey)
MOLLY DENHOLTZ marks Marisa's first appearance in a Torrance High Theater production. Previous credits include MADEA. She is excited to be a part of this production.
Sam Weideman (Dominic/Student Director)
Sam Weideman This is Sam's third show at Torrance High and is excited to be a part of MOLLY DENHOLTZ. They previously appeared In LOST GIRL and MEAN GIRLS (Principal Duvall). They enjoy acting and performing and often try to keep the mood fun and optimistic, cracking jokes and breaking into song.
Jaelyn Temblador (Emma)
As a freshman, Jaelyn is thrilled to make here debut on the Torrance High Theater stage in MOLLY DENHOLTZ. When Jaelyn isn't on stage, she spends her time listening to Taylor Swift 24/7. As Loralai Gilmore would say, "Life's too short. Talk fast."
Ariana Marcelo-Rosas (Jane)
Ari is excited to be In The INCOMPLETE LIFE & RANDOM DEATH OF MOLLY DENHOLTZ. She is a third year theater student, but this is the first mainstage play she has been in. Ari loves cats; she is most likely to become that typical cat lady in the future. “BAZINGA”
Evelyn Shulz (Quint)
Evelyn is a sophomore, and it is their first time performing onstage. They worked on props and set in the productions LOST GIRL and MEAN GIRLS, and they are excited to expand their horizons and explore different sides of theater. Eve also hopes that you check out Quint’s favorite band—Mother Feather—on Spotify!
Kevin Alcazar-Reyes (Ivan)
Kev is genuinely excited to be a part of MOLLY DENHOLTZ. He has been a part of TRYING AT LOVE as a main role Eros. A short film screening November 4th, 2023 as part of an organization called “Spotlight for Kids”. Has worked with people upon the filming industry and thrives to learn and gain more knowledge with theater as acting on stage.
Natasha Sokolich (Julia)
Natasha is very excited to take part in MOLLY DENHOLTZ as her first play for Torrance High School. When she is not onstage, Natasha enjoys singing, reading, and playing basketball. As Shakespeare says, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
Eleni Georgopoulos (Reese/Student Directorr)
Eleni is a senior at Torrance High School and was involved in SHE KILLS MONSTERS, LOST GIRL and MEAN GIRLS. Eleni is excited to dive in the world of theatre in her senior year and loves the art of acting. She also loves psychology and human connection in the world, which is seen in this play. She would like to thank her family and friends for the endless love and support.
Maria Lewis (Molly Denholtz)
Maria is very excited to be part of the Torrance's theatre team and is excited to be doing another show. Her past shows include NEWSIES as Crutchie and THE QUESTIONING OF NICK as Nick.