A Very Covid Christmas Carol Cast

Dennis Newport (Scrooge)
Dennis was in the middle of Stray Dog’s production of The Mousetrap (as The Major) when Covid came knocking. He has joined in Stray Dog productions in the past with Moonlight and Magnolias (Victor Fleming), A Christmas Carol (Bob Cratchit), and Lion in Winter (Henry). Much of his Chicago theatre time has been spent on the North Side at various and sundry theatres. He can be seen in the film Mercy’s Girl, now ON DEMAND/Epix. For more, see www.dennisnewport.com.
John Madison (Fred)
John is excited to return to the virtual stage after a short hiatus from acting. He’s also happy to reprise his role of Fred Scrooge from a decade ago, with Stray Dog Theatre Company. He hopes everyone enjoys the show, even with the limitations of the audience and actors, because he has truly enjoyed doing it.
WendyParman (Alexa)
Wendy has spent a lifetime in the performing arts, as a singer, actor, songwriter, creator of work and teacher, with a thriving voice studio in Chicago, (for the time being exclusively online.) She has appeared in theaters throughout the Chicago area and gone through a variety of transformations as a singer, fronting a roots rock band for 10 years, collaborating with composers on art song projects, and performing jazz standards and original songs in both cabaret and club settings. An experienced actor in film and online as well, she created the well received Callie’s Solo, a musical comedy web series on Youtube, about a voice teacher in Chicago. Her solo performance Fragments of Heartbreak Reassembled Here, explores one woman’s journey through post divorce depression and rekindling her creative fire, later in life. It has been performed at Solo Chicago Festival, 30th Annual Rhinofest 2019 at Prop Thtr, and this past summer in a new outdoor incarnation at the Sawyer Altgeld Co.
Joyce Porter (Undertaker)
Joyce is very happy to return to theater (in a way) and be working with so many people she knows and likes in this excellent adaptation. She is a full time actor and member of SAG-AFTRA. For the last several years she has worked exclusively through voice over work and on camera, but previously she worked on stage for decades with such theaters as Circle, Redtwist, Prometheus, Profiles, Beverly Theatre Guild, Festival Theatre, etc. She also understudied at Drury Lane Water Tower Place, Theatre at the Center and Metropolis Theatres. On camera. Joyce has had principal roles in over 60 independent films. She also had roles in the T. V. shows “South Side”, “My Haunted House”, and for her biggest thrill “Better Call Saul”. She has also done some commercials, and one of the ones she did for Com Ed will be playing the rest of this year. Look for her as a factory security guard. She is also part of a company call Show Girls Productions.
Tony Carsella (Marley)
Tony is enjoying his first experience with Zoom. However, he is no stranger to the stage bringing characters to life for decades. He finds it such a joy to play a classic literary character! Thanks to Pamela for the opportunity. He wishes everyone good health and hopes they enjoys the show.
Dana Hall (Belle)
Dana is a clinical therapist by training with a passion for the arts and social justice. She has been performing with local Chicago-based theatre companies for over two decades. One of her favorite roles was Catherine in Palos Village Players production of These Shining Lives. She is thrilled to be a part of This Moment Productions and to work with Stray Dog Theatre Company again. She is grateful to Pam Morgan for her friendship, writing mentorship, and partnership in this virtual theatre adventure!  She released her first children's' book this year:  Beyond Words: A Child’s Journey Through Apraxia. She is married and has three children who keep her grounded, thankful, & hopeful for a brighter future.
Mike Kocher (Young Scrooge)
Mike received his B.A in Theatre from Arizona State University in 2012. He has been an actor, director, and playwright throughout his theatrical career. He is thrilled to be working for Stray Dog again with some of his favorite collaborators.
Stephanie Reynolds (Wholesome Food Sales Clerk)
Stephanie isn't a stranger to the stage. She has fronted several bands over the last 10 year. Her versatile and high energy vocal performances have kept audiences entertained with music from country to disco. Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, she has been active in the local art community and is excited for her acting debut on a different stage. She would like to thank Stray Dog Productions for giving her this opportunity.
Kim Madison (Emma)
Kim is excited to be part of Stray Dog and This Moment’s A Very Covid Christmas Carol! It has been great seeing old theater friends and making new ones! This is her second time acting in this play. The first time she played Mrs. Crachit in Stray Dog’s production
Jamie Bougher (Bob Cratchit)
Jamie has enjoyed acting since he was a child. In college he studied theater and was fortunate enough to play Romeo in the first production staged in the Moraine Valley Fine Arts Building which opened in 1994. Since then he has been in shows such as She Stoops to Conquer, The Glass Menagerie, Book of Days, and Born Yesterday with Stray Dog Theater. He is happy to be performing again with this unique and original production of the Charles Dickens classic.
Dominic Johnson (Orson)
Dominic is excited to be performing in this production of A Very Covid Christmas Carol. Dominic is in ninth grade and has performed before with School musical as paper airplane boy
Lucas Boerema (Justin Cratchit)
Lucas is 11 years old. A Very Covid Christmas Carol is his first play outside of school. He has no siblings and has two cats named Carl and Harvey. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, doing art, and nerding out about sci-fi with his friends.
KT O'Loughlin (Emily Cratchit)
KT has been loosely involved in theater since taking her first acting class when she was 5. Since her last production nearly 20 years ago, KT has been busy raising her 11 year old, caring for her two fur babies, stress baking all of the goodies, and building her career in Physical therapy. She is thrilled to be acting again, particularly with The Stray Dog Theater Company!
Mercy-Julila Meyer (Fannie)
Mercy-Julia is thrilled to be a part of this innovative production. This is her 3rd show and first speaking role. MJ was previously in the ensembles for Mary Poppins Jr. and Annie Jr. She enjoys gymnastics, soccer, and reading to her little sisters. MJ wishes a happy and healthy holiday season to one and all
Patrick Johnson (Peter Cratchit)
Patrick is excited to be making his debut in A Very Covid Christmas Carol. He’s a sophomore in highschool and enjoys streaming on twitch and making youtube videos with his friends and his studio, Wolfpack Studios. He has also performed in his school choir.
Dash Morgan (Child Scrooge)
Dash is excited to make his debut with Stray Dog Theatre Company and This Moment Productions, but more importantly, with his mother and in an adaptation of a Christmas Carol. His very first role was Tiny Tim, 6 years ago. Some of his other favorite roles are Colin Craven in the Secret Garden, Chee-chee in Doctor Doolittle, and Hero Boy in the Polar Express. He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he’s enjoyed being a part of it!
Ken Schaefer (Topper)
Ken is excited to be apart of this virtual production!
EJ Marcinkowski (Tiny Tim)
EJ is so excited to be in a Very Covid Christmas Carol. He is 11 year old and has been playing baseball since he was 4. He loves sports and doing things with his family and friends.
Paula Marcinkowski (Abby Cratchit)
Paula is so excited to be in a Very Covid Christmas Carol. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to draw, play, sing, dance and do theatre. Merry Christmas and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Keneisha Richards (Chris Present)
Keneisha is excited to be making her acting debut with the Stray Dog Theatre Company. She has dreamed of being a star since childhood. She is excited to be bringing her dreams to pass, but acting isn't the only stage she envisions herself on in the near future. Keneisha is also an aspiring singer-songwriter and musical talent.
Pixie Madison (Santy Claws)
Pixie is excited to be playing ‘Santy Claws’. She really took on the role to look after her other family members and help work the technology. She does not consider herself an actress but is enjoying becoming one with the role. Her days are mostly spent contemplating the universe and working on her thesis regarding number theory and it’s applications for physics. She also enjoys robotics and would like it if everyone watching at home sent her some dental chews.
Joey Schaefer (Joey Cratchit)
Joey is thrilled to be in this virtual theater adaptation!
Lindsey Bougher (Rose)
Lindsey received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater Performance from Roosevelt University. She has appeared in a variety of productions such as The Inspector General, The Threepenny Opera, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Tserk. She is very excited to be a part of this innovative play during such “interesting” times, and wishes everyone Happy Holidays! Even Scrooge.