Cabaret (1998 Version) Cast

Jesse Ramirez (Emcee)
The flamboyant, gender-bending Emcee of the Kit Kat Klub
Allison Andrews (Sally Bowles)
British flapper and headline chanteuse of the Kit Kat Klub
Christian Eidson (Clifford Bradshaw)
An American writer who comes to Berlin to find inspiration for his next novel
CJ Walker (Ernst Ludwig)
A German smuggler who befriends Clifford on the train to Berlin
Dior Scott (Fräulein Schneider)
The owner of the boarding house where Cliff and Sally reside
Matthew White (Herr Schultz)
A Jewish fruit shop owner who falls in love with Fräulein Schneider while renting one of her boarding rooms
Bianca Pittman (Fräulein Kost / Fritzie (Kit Kat Girl))
A German prostitute renting one of the rooms at Fräulein Schneider's boarding house; doubles as Fritzie (Kit Kat Girl)
Kayla Harper (Lulu (Kit Kat Girl))
Rebecca White (Frenchie (Kit Kat Girl))
Amanda Foster (Helga (Kit Kat Girl))
Casey Lynn Hofses (Texas (Kit Kat Girl))
Tia Carlton (Rosie (Kit Kat Girl))
Michael Fargas (Bobby (Kit Kat Boy))
Ethan Fite (Victor (Kit Kat Boy))
Everest Eccles (Hans (Kit Kat Boy))
Terry Evans (Herman (Kit Kat Boy) / Max)