About The Wind in the Willows

One spring morning, Mole abandons his spring cleaning and surfaces into the sunlight and warm grass of a great meadow.  Rambling busily along the hedgerows he comes all at once to the edge of a river.  Mole is entranced.  Here in the river bank he meets the Water Rat, Ratty.  Mole stays with Ratty in his snug waterside home where the river laps at the sill of the window and here he meets Ratty’s friends:  Badger who lives in the Wild Wood and the incorrigible Toad of Toad Hall.  A timeless tale of waterside Britain that has been loved by generations of children and acclaimed as a classic, the story of Mole, Ratty, Badger,  Toad and their escapades, whether messing about in the river or puttering about in Toad’s shiny new car, cannot fail to enchant the audience.  Bennett adds his own distinctive touch to the telling of the story, making it more for the adults without bewildering the children.

The Walpole Players, Inc.

The Walpole Players have been proudly entertaining the community of Walpole, NH since 1987.  We are a volunteer community theater which produces 2-3 theatrical programs each year, and we are an equal opportunity volunteer organization!  Our directors and actors come from a wide-ranging group of people of all ages and backgrounds.  Through the raising and distribution of funds we donate to local groups that benefit those in need in our community, and promote and contribute to the restoration and maintenance of the Helen Miller Theater in the Town Hall of Walpole, New Hampshire.  We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in New Hampshire.