Iva Pear's Game Night Cast

Host (Iva Pear)
Iva Pear is a sharp tongued diva who serves pettiness with a smile. When she's not dragging trolls on TikTok for likes and follows, she's posting pictures on Instagram, clearly never learning how close is too close.
Player (Warumono (he/him King))
Burlesque, drag, and fire, oh my! An award winning intersex performer originally from Denver, CO. now living in Los Angeles, Warumono is gender fuckery at its finest. How bad can he possibly be?
Player (Lizard Brain)
Lizard Brain is a transsexual drag creature who wears what she wants, does what she wants, and loves who she wants. If you play your cards right, she may even come to love (or at least tolerate) you! Besides being featured by the kind Iva Pear in 'Game Night' you can also catch Lizard Brain in her own monthly show, the 4th Saturday of every month at 8 PM. It's called 'Lizard P. Brain Presents: The Variety Pack
Player (Roni Allyn)
Roni Allyn is a performer, writer, fit pro, and proud queer. She has worked on some very depressing activist theatre and thankfully also some light hearted comedy, including “Happy Sappy Grownup Hour” and various sketch videos and plays. She’s extremely grateful that live theater is opening back up and to be a part of the fun of Iva Pear’s Game Night! You can check out her content at Vimeo.com/roniallyn and @roni.allyn on IG. 💜