About The Farnsworth Invention

The Farnsworth Invention is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, 235 Park Avenue South, Fifth Floor, New York, N.Y. 10003

About the Show:

It’s 1929. Two ambitious visionaries race against each other to invent a device called “television.” Separated by two thousand miles, each knows that if he stops working, even for a moment, the other will gain the edge. Who will unlock the key to the greatest innovation of the 20th century: the ruthless media mogul, or the self-taught Idaho farm boy?

The answer comes to compelling life in The Farnsworth Invention, from Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, The Newsroom and The Social Network.  


The Farnsworth Invention opened on Broadway at the Music Box Theater on Dec 3, 2007. Directed by Des McAnuff, the production featured Hank Azaria and Jimmi Simpson.

Original production:  “A Page to Stage Production of The Farnsworth Invention.  Produced in 2007 by The La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California. Christopher Ashley, Artistic Director & Steven Libman, Managing Director”.  “Original Broadway Production Produced by Dodger Properties, Steven Spielberg, and Rabbit Ears, LLC; Produced in association with Frederick Zollo, Jeffrey Sine, Dancap Productions, Inc., Latitude Link and Pelican Group; Associate Producer; Lauren Mitchell”


The Farnsworth Invention is presented in two acts with a ten minute Intermission.  The play encompasses 28 scenes as follows:

  • Act One Scenes
    Prologue, Classroom, Uzlian Shtetl, Office, American Marconi, Community Chest, The Street, Meeting Room, Outside Pem’s House, RCA Party, Green Street Lab, Roof, Lab, RCA Conference Room, Restaurant, Sarnoff’s Office, Conference Room
    • Intermission
  • Act Two Scenes
    Prologue, NY Stock Exchange/Phone Bank, Sarnoff’s Office, Conference Room, Trading Floor, Banker Meeting, Philo’s Lab, Storage Room, Lab, Corridor, Lab, Crocker’s Office, Speakeasy, Lab, Hospital, Radio City Music Hall Lobby, Crocker’s Office, Speakeasy, Outside of Church, Lippincott’s Office, Conference Room, Bar


Farnsworth Cast List → https://www.onthestage.tickets/show/teaneck-new-theatre/the-farnsworth-invention-55979/cast


Farnsworth Crew details → https://www.onthestage.tickets/show/teaneck-new-theatre/the-farnsworth-invention-55979/creative

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Sue Davis, Nick Priscott, Julie Petrak, Mat Young, Amy Fox, Steve Moger and Studio Players

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