Shrek The Musical Creative

Owen Schilling
Owen Schilling is the sound technician in Shrek the Musical. Aside from playing a villager on Once on This Island Jr., this has been the first musical that he has been a part of. He is very proud and thankful to be in this position; he had always enjoyed watching musicals with one eye on the stage and another on sound technician on the middle of the auditorium. This being his first musical (and one that requires the attention of the director in so many important places), he has had fun working to meet the challenge of learning how to do all there is associated with sound (including running and organizing microphones and finding, editing, organizing, and playing the sound effects) by using problem-solving, creativity, and prior knowledge, rather than being spoon-fed by the director. He feels this job is a perfect fit for him: it provides an outlet for his passions of music, problem-solving and of running cool technology. In the future, he hopes to be an engineer who comes up with innov

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