Shrek The Musical Cast

Kaitlynn Adrs (Sugar Plum Fairy and The Gingerbread Man)
Kaitlynn Andrs has been in all three spring productions she has had the opportunity for; Grease as a chorus member, The Sound of Music as Mother Abbess, and this year as The Sugar Plum Fairy and The Gingerbread Man. Kaitlynn enjoys singing, reading, and acting. She is also involved in SHS Forensics Speech, as a state ranked actress; Ballet with Salt and Light Dance; and Swimming with the YMCA of Superior. Her favorite musical is The Sound of Music, closely followed by Mary Poppins.
Jackie Stumpf (Donkey)
Jackie is in ninth grade and this is her first spring musical at the high school. She's been in the Summer Musical Showcase for the past two years. Her interests include reading, writing, and singing. She is super excited to be playing Donkey this year and is excited for performances to come. Finally, she would like to thank her parents and Andrew for constantly driving her places.
Pheonyx Wittkopf (Chorus)
Sophomore Pheonyx Wittkopf has only just joined in on theater theatrics this pasts summer. She is so far loving it and she tries her best to help her teammates put on the best show they possibly can. While she seams to be in the background Pheonyx will do almost anything to make the theater comfortable for others.
Phoebe Pilon (Elf)
Phoebe Pilon is in 9th grade, and this is her first musical. Though she did participate in this year’s One Act performance working in costume as a stagehand. She enjoys reading, sleeping, and archery, along with theater. Phoebe was an attorney on the JV Mock Trial team this school year and participated in Youth In Government Model Assembly and Model United Nations for the past two years. She’s had a lot of fun working on this musical and is excited for the shows next month.
Ellie Westlund (Mamma Bear, 3 Blind Mice, Dulocian, Rat)
Ellie Westlund is a Sophmore at SHS and is proud to be a part of the Shrek Cast. She has performed in two One Acts through SHS which were both highly awarded at State and played Sister Berthe in The Sound of Music. Ellie is grateful for all of the friends she has made through the theatre department and would like to thank her directors for helping her grow into a better singer, dancer, and actress.
Hannah Furey (Teen Fiona)
Hannah Furey is a Junior and has loved theatre ever since she was a little kid. She was in the spring production last year of the Sound of Music and was a lead in the play 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocolypse this past winter. Her roles in Shrek include Queen Lillian, Alice, Dulocian Dancer, Dragonette, Rat tapper, one of the three blind mice, and a wedding choir member. Hannah Furey is a Junior and has loved theatre ever since she was a little kid. She was in the spring production last year of the Sound of Music and was a lead in the play 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocolypse this past winter. Her roles in Shrek include Queen Lillian, Alice, Dulocian Dancer, Dragonette, Rat tapper, one of the three blind mice, and a wedding choir member.
Brock Bergstrom (Chorus)
Brock Bergstrom is a junior at SHS. He plays a couple characters in the play including King Harold, a knight, and a guard. This is the first in five years that he has an acting role in any production. He is very enthusiastic about the performance of the play. Aside from theater, he participates on the Superior Spartan football and and also swims competitively for the same school. He is very cheerful and passionate to the community of Superior.
Satori Rekstad (Pinocchio)
Satori Rekstad is a sophomore at Superior High School. She has been doing theatre her entire life and her favorite shows she has been in are “Dark Road”, where she played Lise, and “An Absolutely True Story: As Told by a Bunch of Lying Liars”, where she played Kelly. She is currently the Vice-President of Drama Club at SHS and she is also a varsity starting player on the SHS Girl’s Lacrosse team. It has been her dream to perform Shrek the Musical and she is overjoyed to also be playing her dream role of Pinocchio, along with a few other parts. After high school, she plans to attend college and study theatre and the arts. She would like to thank Amber Gilbert, Cheri Tesarek, and Josh Smith for pushing her to be the best she can be.
Samantha Olson (Happy Person, Peter Pan, Duloc Souvenir)
Samantha is a freshman and has been in theatre since she was 7 years old. She loves theatre because of all the fun she has with the cast and crew and it is a great way to find like-minded people and make new friends. Even though Sam's first role was very small (a Russian Dancer is the Nutcracker), it made her realize what an amazing thing theatre is. She wants to thank her fellow thespians and directors for giving her a chance to explore this form of art and allowing her to be herself, no matter how crazy or weird that is.
Belle Modeen (Young Fiona)
My name is Belle Modeen and I am 12 years old and a 6th grader at Superior Middle School. I absolutely am thrilled to play Young Fiona in this production of Shrek! I love every minute of being on stage and I’m so very thankful for this opportunity to do it at Superior High School! I feel so welcomed by all the high school students and directors and I have learned so much! I want to thank Mrs. T and Mrs. Goodspeed Gilbert for always believing in me, thank my family and friends for always supporting me, thank my wonderful vocal coaches/Choir teacher Tanya Moore and Christina Stroupe and Mrs. Bell for pushing my vocals to the next level , and thank you to Amber Burns for always keeping my dancing feet moving; without all of you this wouldn’t be possible. I can’t wait for this community to see this wonderful show! Last year at this same time I was casted as Birgitta in the sound of music at SHS, I also played Annie for the Superior summer showcase 2 years ago. I was just casted as Lena in
Sadie Hunter (Fiona)
Sadie Hunter is a senior and has been in productions at SHS since freshman year. She is extremely excited to finish her high school theatre career as Fiona in Shrek the Musical. Sadie would like to thank Cheri, Amber, and Josh for being wonderful directors and role models , as well as her friends and family who continue to support her unconditionally. Sadie will be continuing her education at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for a degree in environmental policy, continuing to be a part of the theatre community there as well.
Thomas Chicka (White Rabbit)
Thomas Chicka is a sophomore at SHS and has been doing theatre for way too long (like 5 years). His favorite parts of theatre are all of the bonds he's made with fellow cast/crew members who he knows he can rely on as well as the moment when a show starts to come together and be really magical. He plays the white rabbit in Shrek and will be hopping around on stage for days. Sending love and good vibes out to everyone!
Callie Peterson (Young Shrek)
Hi I am Callie Peterson I am a fifth grader at Northern Lights. I like to play sports and act. This is my third on stage performance. In this performance I play Young Shrek.
Andrew Lisak (Captain of the Guard/Duloc Dancer)
Andrew is a junior and has been involved in Theater all his life. His first production at SHS was Alice in Wonderland where he played the White Rabbit. He has been in the Spring Musical every year of his High School career and is excited for everyone to see the show.
Andrew Valine (Thelonius)
Andrew Valine is a sophomore student at SHS, and this is his first play he ever did, the Shrek musical. He Likes to read, play games, participate in all sorts of activities and sports, and is a hard working student. Andrew is very grateful for his chance to be in this production, and is glad he is a part of it.
Abbigail Avery (Chorus)
Abbigail likes watching Disney and Dreamworks movies and T.V shows. She in 9th grade. I love to read manga and write fanfictions. One of my hobbies is shipping people. she has 2 older sister and a younger step-brother and half-sister. She loves her wacky family that she have.
Matthew Minor (Shrek)
Matthew Minor is a senior at Superior High School. He has been involved in productions such as Grease, and The Sound of Music. He also participates in the One Act competition at the school. His post-high school plans include pursuing a degree in business finance at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.
Shea Callaghan (The Wicked Witch, Dulocian and Rat Dance)
Shea is a sophomore at Superior High School, with indestructible passion for theatre. Dipping her toes into the warm spotlight of performing arts early on (thanks, in no small part, to her father’s influence), she has strived to make the art of performance her future. With comedic chops in tow, she brings brevity to ‘peach & ‘pevery role. Having being cast in Alice in Wonderland Jr, The Neverending Story, Sound of Music, Dark Road, Almost Maine, Silent Cal, and a bevy of other shows; she faces diligently this new mythical challenge in the character of The Wicked Witch.
Tristan Callaghan (Papa Bear)
Even though Tristan Callaghan is a Crew Trainer at McDonald’s, Cook/Catering Server for the Decc, Advertising Manager for the student led paper, and an active member of Upward Bound; he juggles all of that with Acting in the SHS Drama department. Tristan loves acting, this is proven with over 2 One Acts and 3 (counting this show) Spring Musicals under his belt. His favorite production he was in was 2018 fall One Act “An Absolutely True Story As Told By A Bunch Of Lying Liars” where he played the role of Nutella Man. He doesn’t have any plans on stopping his acting career in his Senior Year.