About Zorro's Grape Adventure

Written by local playwright Leslie Slape, this comedic melodrama has all the requisite elements including the hero and heroine love story, helpful signs telling the audience when to 'Cheer!' and 'Boo!' along with plenty of popcorn to throw, and shameless plugs for local businesses wherever we can fit them in! In the 19th century, Count Villano, a rich and ambitious Spaniard, wants revenge on the masked swordsman Zorro, who once defeated him in a duel. Sensational stories about Zorro have been appearing in newspapers in California, leading Villano to seek him there. He meets Rosa Madeira, who wants to take over a local vineyard owned by Doña Luisa and her daughter, Constancia. They join forces to obtain the vineyard and to find Zorro, even spreading rumors throughout the village that Zorro is actually a villain. Meanwhile, Diego Vega has also newly arrived to California with his servant Bernardo (whom Zorro rescued from being beaten by Count Villano). Vega is a college student who has played the role of Zorro exactly once, while Bernardo has secretly been writing the Zorro adventures for the papers; they are both amazed to see how hugely popular the character Zorro has become, especially with the village children, and learn that he is even quite the romantic fantasy for Constancia. When Constancia’s mother is taken prisoner by Villano, Zorro must once again duel with Villano and save the day!

This play is based upon the works of Johnston McCulley. The underlying rights in and to the property of Zorro are controlled by Zorro Productions, Inc., of Berkeley, California, which has provided Stageworks Northwest with the use of its copyrights and trademarks for the purposes of this production. © 2024 Zorro Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. ZORRO®.

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