Beauty And The Beast Cast

Rylie Nash (Belle Cast 2)
Rylie is a 14 year old Vietnamese/African-American student at South Pointe who has portrayed Jovie in Elf, the smaller roles in Alice in Wonderland, and now the honor of Belle this year. She wants to thank everyone who has helped her grow and be able to get closer to her dreams - Mrs. Wadsworth, her Family and friends, and Maria Elena.
Isabella Chang (Belle (cast 1))
IIsabella has performed in All Shook Up, Elf, Alice in Wonderland, Encore Revue, Wizard of Oz, Annie, and Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Aside from her passion for musical theatre, she loves reading as much as “Belle” does and dances competitively. She is overjoyed to be playing Belle and thankful for the support of her family and Mrs. Wadsworth. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Sam Chou (Beast)
Samuel Chou plays the Beast in South Pointe's 2018 Beauty And the Beast. He has been in one of Mrs.Wadsworth's past production's Elf in which he played multiple minor characters. Sam is an eighth grader in his second year of choir, and would like everyone to come and enjoy the show!
Joseph Song (Gaston)
This is Joseph Song’s second production with South Pointe. Joseph is in choir, band, leadership, and plays football. He would like to thank Mrs. Wadsworth for putting up with him for three years. Also, in his free time he likes to scare people!
Angela Kim (LeFou (cast 1))
This is Angela's third production here at South Pointe. She also plays competitive badminton. Shout out to Mrs. Wadsworth for putting up with her for three years! Enjoy the show!
Ryan Oler (LeFou (cast 2))
11yr old Ryan was born for the stage! She has been performing in plays and musicals for the past 8 years with Prince of Peace, Dancemakers, and MET2. She is excited to be in this B&B production as LeFou, Gaston's sidekick. Ryan enjoys spending time with her family and pets.
Ishika Masani (Mrs. Potts)
Ishika Masani- Ishika is thrilled to be playing Mrs. Potts in this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast. She has been in many musicals before including last year’s Elf. Ishika has also released her own song, Star Soul. Ishika loves singing, dancing, songwriting, and acting.
Abigail Alvarado (Chip (cast 1))
As a member of Chamber Choir, Abigail Alvarado is excited to show off her vocal talents as Chip. Last year, she acted in Elf. Her hobbies include swimming, traveling, and playing with all seven of her pets.
Charlene Wan (Chip Cast 2)
Charlene is a 7th grader at South Pointe Middle School. This will mark her 2nd time on stage with SPMS musical show. She previously appeared in Elf Jr. When she is not on stage, Charlene likes to read, sing, and hang out with her friends. She would like to give a special thanks to her friends and family for all the support and encouragement.
Eden Wright (Lumiere Cast 2)
Eden is excited to be performing in South Pointe Middle School’s production of Beauty and The Beast Jr.! Eden has acted in two short films, “The Ballot” and “Blank Class”. She enjoys singing, drawing, watching anime, and recently starting playing volleyball. Eden lives at home with her parents, older brother who also attends SPMS, and two rescue pit bull
Kaylee Motus (Cogsworth Cast 2)
Kaylee Motus is an enthusiastic 7th grader who actively participates in school. She is currently in Leadership and the Showtime choir. She has always loved performing arts since preschool. Kaylee has been in a few talent shows, community theater performances and recitals. It has been an awesome adventure for her to become Cogsworth in this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast.
Nyansu Chen (Lumiere Cast 1)
Nyansu Chen is thrilled to be part of the Beauty and the Beast play and have a performing role in it. Having been in various plays and choirs, she is overjoyed to be included in this musical show. She’s thankful for her friends, family, and teachers’ for advice and support to make her a worthy addition to the Beauty and the Beast cast.
Daniel Illingworth (Cogsworth cast 1)
Daniel Illingworth is excited to be playing Cogsworth! He likes to play video games, board games and card games, sleep, and spend time with his friends and family. He also ikea a variety of sports. Daniel has been in the Southern California Honor Choir for the last 2 years and has auditioned to be in the All-State Honor Choir this year. He is also involved in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) music program for the piano.
Natalie Choy (Babette)
Natalie is very eager to take part and perform in the “Beauty and the Beast” junior school production. She is currently eleven years old and was a part of the “Elf” production last year. She had a lot of fun in preparation for the show. She is very happy to be a part of the “Beauty and the Beast” cast this year. In her spare time, she likes to sing, play the piano and go for a bike ride. This year she also joined the Chamber Choir!
Autumn Joyner (Madame De la Grande Bouche Cast 1)
Autumn is a 7th grader here at South Pointe. She is a member of Chamber Singers and has been in such shows as Cinderella and Aladdin. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Angelina Tesoro (Madame De La Grande Bouche Cast 2)
Angelina Tesoro-Angelina is in 7th grade and very excited to be in South Pointe Middle School’s production of Beauty and The Beast Jr., playing the role of Madame De La Grande Bouche. In her free time, she likes to bake, sing, and spend time with her cat.
Vanh Gonzalez (Maurice Cast 1)
This is Vanh's 2nd show here at South Pointe. He would like to have a future career as a Mcdonald's Manager, or comedian.
Quinton Mendoza (Bookseller Cast 1/Maurice Cast 2)
As a 6th grader in the Panther Choir, Quinton is excited to be participating in his 2nd South Pointe production! Quinton also enjoys playing football, soccer and baseball and riding roller coasters.
Jovani Suviate (Silly Girl)
Jovani Suviate is excited to be performing as Silly Girl #1 in her musical debut Beauty and the Beast. Jovani is in the 7th grade and loves to sing and dance. She resides in Diamond Bar and is a force to be reckoned with in the water as she is also a competitive swimmer. She would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support.
Dana Phan (Silly Girl)
Dana Phan is very excited to be in Beauty and the Beast. Her hobby is singing and acting.She hopes you enjoy her role as a sill girl:)
Andrea Illingworth (Silly Girl)
Andrea Illingworth has been in choir for 7 years and has been playing piano since she was 4 years old. She is currently participating in The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and taking the 5th grade level of the Theory exams in The Board of the Royal Schools of music. Andrea has also auditioned for All-State Honor Choir and is crossing her fingers hoping to get accepted. She thanks you for coming and hopes you enjoy the show !!!!
Mckenna Parquette (Silly Girl)
Mckenna is a 12 year old in 7th grade in Showtime and this is her first year in a show. Mckenna is a very loud person and enjoys making people laugh and also, singing and acting. In her spare time she likes talking to her friends or watching Netflix. She wants to thank her parents for always supporting her and she loves you. Enjoy the show!
Kylee Sanchez (Narrator)
This is Kylee's 2nd musical. She enjoys special effects makeup and photography in her spare time. Kylee an 8th grader, is grateful for her friends and family for their support in this production.
Samira Avila-Cortez (Narrator/villager/enchanted character)
Samira is overjoyed to be part of the Beauty and the Beast play! It is her first time participating in a play but she loves it! She is in Choir and in her spare time, she enjoys reading, singing, and helping out her family!
Dylan Wei (Narrator/Villager/Enchanted Character)
Dylan is 13 years old and has performed in Elf Jr. and now Beauty and the Beast.He is excited to make his way into more musicals as the years go on. He enjoys playing the Cello and singing. He is grateful for family and friends who have brought him on to this path and support him.
Inaaya Ahmed (Narrator/Villager/Enchanted Character)
Inaaya is in her second year of the school production. Originally, she was in musical theater but now she is in choir. She is a competitive dancer and an extreme lover of kpop!
Elizabeth Balswick (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Elizabeth is a sixth grader in the dual language immersion program at South Pointe Middle School. This is her first musical theater performance. She is excited for everyone to see the show. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, dancing and exploring new places.
Hailey Torres (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Hailey Torres is in 7th grade in South Pointe Middle. Hailey loves to sing and act and she wants to become a singer one day.
Stephanie Moreno (Villager/enchanted character)
You can’t make your mind forget what your heart won’t, good memories may fade from the mind but great memories live on through the heart. Beyond happy to be a part of the South Point Middle School performing arts program.
Nina Chou (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Nina is twelve and in the seventh grade. She was in last year's play, "Elf" junior, and is very excited for this year's production, "Beauty and the Beast" junior. In her spare time, Nina enjoys swimming, drawing, and listening to music.
Adeline Chang (Baker)
Adeline is a 6th grader who loves to sing, dance and act. She is having so much fun being a part of this show. Adeline is always up for a challenge no matter how hard. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Emily Hernandez (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Emily is excited to be in this year’s production of “Beauty and the Beast”. This is her first musical. Emily enjoys reading, having fun with family and friends, and music.
Grace Shiroishi (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Grace Shiroishi is in 6th grade and is very excited to be a part of this production. She enjoys musicals, singing, ballet, art, and baking. At South Pointe, Grace is also in the band and is learning to play the oboe. She hopes everyone will enjoy the show.
Kayley Curry (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Kayley is 13 Years old and in the 7th Grade here At SPMS. In her spare time she enjoys doing arts and crafts, .She also enjoys going to the amusement parks, watching a good movie, and listening to Music, She also ran track and jumped hurdles in Elementary school. Enjoy the show!
Jordan Rivera (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Jordan is a 7th grader at South Pointe and this is her first musical. She loves to fish, surf and ride bikes. She wants to thank her parents for all of their support.
Melinda Querushi (Wolf/Villager)
Hello there! My name is Melinda Qerushi, and i'm currently 11 years old, in my first year of middle-school. I'm both an extrovert, and an avid anime-fan. I have many hobbies, including drawing, playing the piano, and can usually be found cooped-up in my room watching TV.
Lilian Chou (Villager/Enchanted Character)
Lilian Chou is in 6th grade and is 11 years old. She is an alto in choir. Lilian enjoys reading stories about heroes and heroines. She also enjoys eating sushi at the Makino Seafood Buffet at Puente Hills Mall.
Jasmine Diep (Villager)
Jasmine is excited to be in this year's Beauty and the Beast play. Jasmine is eleven years old and has been in plays like : 'The Peanuts" and "Sleeping Beauty". She has also been in several church and Christmas plays. She also likes to sing, rollerblade, and swim in her free time.
Daniel Palmer (Bookseller cast 2/Villager cast 1)
Daniel is a 7th grader at South Pointe and this is his first musical. He likes to draw and play with his dog. He hopes you love the show!
Alyvia Alvarado (Villager and wolf)
Alyvia Alvarado will be showcasing her versatile acting skills as both a villager and a menacing wolf in Disney's production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Crew (Stage and Tech Crew!)
Kaitlyn Liu, Tyler Huey, Jonathan Shiroishi, Sunny Zhang, Amanda Chan, Madelyn Hui, Rachel Pak, Emma Ramirez, Alexis Aguirre, Isaac Shiroishi, Emilie Manasia, Julie Phomma-Chanh
Trinity Tesoro (Villager)
Trinity Tesoro attends 4th Grade at Castlerock Elementary and she is very excited to be part of the Beauty and the Beast Musical. In her spare time, she enjoys doing gymnastics, singing, and baking. She looks forward to attending South Pointe in a few years, and would like to thank Mrs. Wadsworth for the chance to be part of such a fun show.