The Terrible Infants Cast

Narrator (Ben Pritzker)
(He/Him) Ben is a Senior at Solebury meaning this is his last show in the STC program. Ben has been honored to be in several shows throughout his years here. Some of his favorite roles have been Mischa in Ride the Cyclone, Wilson in Harvey, and Billy Flynn in Chicago. While he is sad to go, Ben is so incredibly grateful for STC opening his eyes to theater. Ben hopes to be involved in theater while in college. Lastly, he would like to say thank you to Peter and Rebbeca for directing incredible shows and for their constant support.
Narrator (Kai Samad)
(She/Her) Kai is a junior at Solebury who is happy to play a narrator in this production. Kai's past roles include ensemble in Chicago, Mrs. Chauvenet in Harvey, and Leanne in Puffs, and would like to thank the cast and crew for this amazing production. Break a leg to all.
Narrator (Kaz Jahanbini)
(He/Him) Kaz is a freshman at Solebury and is over-the-top to perform in The Terrible Infants as his third STC production. Previous roles of his include Aladdin in Aladdin, Evan in 13 the Musical, and Bert in Mary Poppins. He’d like to thank Rebecca, Peter, the cast and crew, along with his family and friends who supported him all the way through production. Enjoy the show!
Storyteller (Adam Mohn)
(He/Him) Adam is a senior at Solebury, having spent six years here. He has portrayed Janne in Let the Right One In, the Gravedigger in Living Dead in Denmark, and more recently Harrison in Chicago and Dr. Sanderson in Harvey. He'd like to that the directors and cast for their hard work, and hopes everyone will break a leg!
Storyteller (Alexandra Zisk)
(She/Her) Alexandra is a sophomore at Solebury and this is her second STC production, the first being Chicago. Alexandra has been acting since first grade, starting out by starring in her school's ensemble production of The King and I Jr. Since then she has performed in several musicals (Honk, Willa Wonka Jr., Fame, 101 Dalmations Jr., and Madagascar Jr. being some), and a few plays (Inherit the Wind being the most recent). She is excited to be performing at Solebury again and is also looking forward to making her debut as a ventriloquist in this production. She would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone, Peter, Rebecca, and everyone else who gave her the opportunity to be in this production, and last of all, she'd like to thank Annabel, the harbor seal puppet who helped make her audition a success.
Storyteller (Christopher Roche)
(He/Him) Christopher is a junior and is enjoying this wonderful year. Last year kind of sucked, this year sucks less. He would also like to thank Peter and Rebecca for making this show the best it can be. He has been in every single Solebury play and musical since Head Over Heels!
Storyteller (Ellianna Vallow)
(She/Her) Ellianna is a junior at Solebury. Her first STC production was Vintage Hitchcock in the fall of 2020 and she was the female swing for Ride The Cyclone. She most recently played Mary Sunshine in Chicago and is happy to be part of the STC in-residence crew. She would like to thank the cast and crew for their help on this amazing production.
Storyteller (Max Frankel)
(He/Him) Max is a sophomore and this is his 6th production at Solebury. He has enjoyed working with the cast and crew to make this show great and would like to thank Peter for being such a brilliant director.
Storyteller (Scarlett Betz)
(Any Pronouns) Scarlett is a junior from New Jersey, and this is her fourth time performing at Solebury, but their sixth show overall. Scarlett is so excited to be a part of this production and would like to thank Peter for bringing everything together, and Titus for not only building the set but for inspiring Scarlett to perform this show. He hopes you enjoy this production and would like the cast to break a leg!
Storyteller (Stella Smith)
(She/Her) Stella is a senior and this is her 13th and final show as a member of the Solebury Theater Collective company. Stella is so excited to be able to tell this rollercoaster of a story as the part of Tilly and Beatrice. Some of her favorite past roles include Velma Kelly in Chicago, Veta Simmons in Harvey, and Jane Doe in Ride the Cyclone. Stella would like to say thank you to her family, friends, and fellow cast and crewmates for their endless support. She would also like to thank Peter, Rebecca, and Titus who have all provided a helping hand to her throughout these past four years. While it is difficult for her to let go of this fantastic chapter of her life, she is so excited to finish her run with such an incredible show. Enjoy!
Player (Chloe Howes)
(They/Them) Chloe Howes is a junior at the Solebury and have been in two other productions here, Harvey and Chicago. Currently, Chloe is probably knitting in the dressing room so they would like to thank everyone in there with them for dealing with all the yarn they brought.
Player (Ethan Glazer)
(He/Him) Ethan Glazer is a senior at Solebury. He’s one of the last people that took middle school classes here and is so excited to now be moving on to college. Some of his past roles include Karnack in Ride The Cyclone and Judge Gaffney in Harvey, among many more. As for tonight’s performance, he’s excited to show you what he and the rest of the cast have got.
Player (Harlowe Andrus)
(She/Her) Harlowe is a freshman at Solebury and is exited to be a part of this production. She was in the most recent STC production, Chicago. She would like to thank her family and Peter.
Player (Maddie Sharp)
(She/Her) Maddie is a junior at the Solebury. Maddie played Betty Chumley in the fall production Harvey and the ensemble in the spring musical Chicago. Her roles before Solebury include Kelsie in High School Musical and Piglet in Winnie the Pooh. In her free time, Maddie enjoys programming, reading, playing video games, and spending time with her family (which includes her dog, Oscar). She would like to thank her parents for supporting her and the directors, cast, and crew for making such a great and fun show!
Player (Bingyuan (Vivian) Chen)
(She/Her) Vivian is a sophomore at Solebury and is very excited to be a part of her second STC production.
Sprog (Mica Harper)
(She/Her) Mica is a freshman at Solebury. She was a strong dancer at Budzyski Ballet Theatre. She is happy to play the Sprog in this production. Break a leg to all!