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a Mississippi native, has been a gifted and sought-after musician for the past 15+ years in both secular and gospel music. He has had the privilege to travel abroad on several occasions as an accompanying concert pianist/organist. Additionally, his keen ear for music production has garnered him many opportunities to operate in the capacity of musical director for stage plays and music recording projects throughout various parts of the United States. When it comes to music production, song writing, and studio engineering, Patrick has spent many years cultivating his heart’s passion in these areas. He has worked under platinum recording engineers. To continue his professional growth through formal education, Patrick completed a B.S. in Music Production from Full Sail University and his Master's in Music Production from Berklee College.
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has been a member of the team for over a decade and loves bringing SJM Productions to life. While she spent years on stage dancing, acting, singing but really delights in her technical work behind the scenes. When all those unnoticed elements come together it makes carpets fly and turns pumpkins into beautiful carriages. The right lighting and sound has the ability to create an unforgettable moment for our audience and the gravity of that responsibility is not something she takes lightly. Rascoe thanks her husband, Larry Jr., and growing family for their love and support.
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Michelle works as a Licensed Therapist with a degree in Clinical Professional Counseling. She has a background in business management as well as public relations. Ms. Jackson is also a Licensed Minister in the State of Nevada. She has worked as the Front Of House Manager for SJM Productions since it’s inception in 2010. Michelle has also served in various other roles on and off stage in support of her husband of 37 years (Stanley C Jackson SR) and his creative endeavors. She is excited to serve in this capacity for the Las Vegas Production of “MAIN STREET PARK” The Musical!
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Is a native of Evansville, Indiana with a B.S. in Behavioral Management and M.S. in Business Management from Oakland City University. He is a trained facilitator in Out of Poverty and Strengthening the Families enrichment programs. Married to his wife Lynne for 29 years, his outside interests include mentoring boys and young men and adult men through various programs in the community. Charles has been a vital part of every SJM Production since it’s formation, building and designing sets, props and providing support wherever needed.
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"Morris is no stranger to the theater. She is an alumni of the infamous Karamu House in Cleveland, Ohio. Morris performed in several productions as a principle character like : "Lena Younger", in Raisin; "Reba", Before It Hits Home; "The Queen " in The Blacks:A Clown Show. And she performed in Karamu's signature production of Black Nativity by Langston Hughes. Morris enjoyed working back stage as well. She headed Karamu's costume department for more than 8 years and served as wardrobe mistress for shows like The Color Purple, Crowns and Into the Woods Junior (the youth theatre). This is her second SJM production. She stated that it is a pleasure to associate herself with SJM production here in Las Vegas; to the cast -- TAKE WINGS !

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