About No Signs of Intelligent Life

No Signs of Intelligent Life was written by Bryan Starchman and published by Eldridge Publishing

“If you think you’ve suffered too many awkward moments or been in the dark in conversations, just think how poor, innocent aliens feel!

 Hungry to fit in, (a little too hungry at times!) they do and say things that we humans aren't allowed to. Join in the laughter as these extraterrestrials meet all kinds of humans -- teenagers, rednecks, survivalists and the most enigmatic, tech support nerds. 

Will these hapless aliens be able to figure out the daily rituals of dating, gossiping at the water cooler, camping, or even fixing our computers? The aliens have the knowledge to increase food production, create alternative energies, and achieve world peace. 

Are Earthlings the intelligent life they seek to bestow these gifts? More important, could Earthlings help the aliens get home again?!”- Bryan Starchman

SVHS Theatre Program

Simi's Theater Department is run by our very own Shanda Bonn (AKA Madame Bonn, also the SVHS French Teacher).  The department participates in various events over the school year including: DTASC competiton, A class exclusive fall production, open audition spring musical, and spring showcase.

We have Drama Club meetings Fridays during lunch with over 20 active members, students from both inside and outside of the theatre class. We play theater games and serve as a production team for the shows.

Our program is completely self-supporting. Recently we had fundraising drive where we raised just under $4,000 with the help of our dedicated students and parents. These funds will help us pay for performance rights ("royalties"), script rentals/purchases, musical director stipend, and tech costs (sets, props, costumes, lighting, sound, etc.).

Thank you for supporting our program, and we hope to bring you more great shows like this!!

In addition to online ticket sales, tickets will be available at the door. Cash is preferred, but we can take credit cards as well (for an additional fee). There will be a 15 minute intermission during the show, a CASH ONLY snack bar, and candy grams you can purchase and send backstage to your favorite theatre student.