William Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors Cast

Gina Florez (Solinus, Duke of Ephesus)
EXPERIENCE: My first show with SVCT was in 2021, where I got to play a phantom in Rocky Horror Show Musical. From there I was also cast in Neil Simon’s ‘Rumors in 2022 and the musical Godspell in 2023. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? This is my first time acting in a Shakespeare play, however, I have to say my favorite works would be Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? Too many times to count! However one that comes to mind: when I was in high school, I was in a jazz choir that performed in the community. One night, I forgot my character shoes at home before a show and our instructor said I should perform barefoot as “the show must go on!”. Needless to say, the audience found it quite hilarious and thought that it was a gag in the show!
Carolyn Sullins  (Aegeon)
EXPERIENCE: This is my first community theatre performance since 1981, when I was a little dancing sprite in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Indianapolis Civic Theater. I dabbled in a bit of theater in college in the 90s, and more recently have performed some original musical comedy and poetry at local open mics. My goal is to turn these originals into a musical. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I honestly haven't read any Shakespeare since high school, back when phones had curly cords and Duran Duran was like, totally awesome. I did enjoy reading Romeo and Juliet, even though I considered them airheads who needed to get real. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? I have absolutely zero sense of direction. I even get lost backstage here. For years I joked that, “I could get lost going next door, with a GPS.” Then on a family trip to my childhood hometown in New Jersey, I proved that was no joke. I tried to park at our hotel, but wound up in the parking lot next door instead. It was one way the wrong way, so I couldn’t just turn around. For 30 minutes I frantically drove all over the highway, constantly finding myself in the wrong lane to turn off, with blaring horns and extended middle fingers behind me. Finally I followed a random sign and told my girls, “Let’s visit Princeton before we check in!” And of course I got even more lost on the way back.
Mike Buck (Antipholus of Ephesus)
EXPERIENCE: I have been acting since High School but really got back into it when moving to Sierra Vista at the end of my service as an Army Officer ARE OU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? Well … Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged is my favorite if that counts. However, Henry V and Othello are amongst my favorite single plays by the Bard WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? Oh there are so many times in live theater that you have to adapt with improv to count that meet this threshold
Joyce Underwood (Antipholous of Syracuse)
EXPERIENCE: Prior to working with the SVCT, Joyce had one line in "Les Miserables" in high school. She's also played the angel in more than one Nativity play. Her first play with SVCT was "A Christmas Carol" where she played Mrs. Cratchitt. After that, she served as an understudy for SVCT's production of "Steel Magnolias" and was cast as "Sylvia" in the one act play "The Death of Gingerbread." ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? Oh yes! I certainly am a fan! I'm a killjoy, so I tend to gravitate toward the tragedies - my favorites are "King Lear" and "Julius Caesar" but that moaner "Hamlet" has his place as well. Prior to working on this play, my favorite Shakespear comedy was "As You Like It", but "Comedy of Errors" is might be my new favorite. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? It was 2004. My Chemical Romance had taken over the alternative music world. I had just graduated high school and was an ardent fan, so of course I wanted to perfect my eyeliner game. I also had a friend who was a "dancer" and she told me that sharpie marker was where it was at. So, one day I decided to try it. This turned out be a grievous error. I could not get the eyes even. An our later I was standing on my best friend's doorstep looking like a panda bear, with black tears streaming down my face. When he opened the door, I sobbed "Why are you my friend?" A bottle a Sea Breeze later I was no worse for the wear, and thankfully my best friend remains so to this day.
Dromio of Ephesus (Tiffany Rudell)
EXPERIENCE: As a young whipper snapper I performed in a Wild West show at Six Gun City in Tombstone Arizona. When I say “performed” I mean that I cried on a stinky cowboy at the end of every show. Fast forward to high school, I made sure to take drama class and did absolutely nothing with that until Seventeen years and 30 embarrassing TikToks later, my best friend, Andrea, introduced me to this theatre. I tried out for Evil Dead The Musical and was fortunate enough to play Shelley! I was hooked from that moment on. Since then I have had roles in “A Christmas Carol” and “Oh No! I Flew Too Close To The Sun!”. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? Nah… 😉 I love “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet”. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? Have you ever heard of a “not me” moment? It is when you are out in public and a person waves at you or asks you a question like “How have you been?” so you wave back and or answer the question because it feels nice that people care. Then the person that you didn’t notice standing behind you also waves and or answers the question. This is when you realize that they, in fact, were never talking to you in the first place. “Ohh, not me…”. Yeah, I am really good at that.
Kat Botelho (Dromio of Syracuse )
EXPERIENCE: My favorite shows i have been involved with were, She Kills Monsters where i played Evil Tina, twelfth night where i was Sir Andrew, Dracula comes to Tombstone where i was Dracoola, Addams Family The Musical where i was Pugsley, a few Fault Line Productions and Teen Beach Movie where i was Dr. Fusion ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I did not start out a fan of Shakespeare, in-fact i was the guy from something rotten saying “God i hate Shakespeare” however I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. My favorites are twelfth night and of course Comedy of errors WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? One time i was doing tech for Agatha Christie’s “ The Mousetrap” and i was walking backstage when i tripped on a mat backstage and fell forward and landed on my hands and knees, i looked up at my friend and said “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEARING KNEE PADS!!!!”
Basil Enamorado (Balthazar)
Luca Scerbo (Angelo)
EXPERIENCE: The whole experience was great, thanks. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I tried to shake a spear once, but the cops called it brandishing. I don't think they understand theatre. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? No
Gunner Tracey (First Merchant)
Aiden Swallow (Second Merchant)
Gracie Antram (Pinch)
Amy Wilson (Amelia)
Andrea Zavala (Adriana )
xperience: I have both an AA in General Theater from Orange Coast College and a BA in Performance Theater from California State University of Long Beach. I have performed in many collegiate and community theaters. I joined Sierra Vista Community Theater at Christmas in 2021. At this theater I have been in Midsummers Nights Dream, The Odd Couple and a Christmas Show. Yes, I love Shakespeare. I have even been to The Globe in London to see Much Ado About Nothing. Comedy of Errors moment: I wore a T Shirt to work. Turns out it was inside out and my students let me know it!
Andrea Trusesdale (Luciana)
EXPERIENCE: Though it’s been many years since Andrea was actively involved in a theatre setting, her passion for performance and commitment to creativity have only served to prepare her for her newest role. Throughout the years she’s been part of numerous skit groups, as well as an adult-themed puppet show! ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I can’t choose one! WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? I don’t make errors - but my life is a big joke!
Cameron Swan Osterman (Luce)
Theresa Tate (Courtezan)
EXPERIENCE: A small role in A Christmas Carol and a part in "We're Vampires" at the 2024 one acts. We have 12 year olds at this theatre with more experience than me. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I've always liked Shakespeare, but I have trouble choosing favorites. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? I'm a socially inept klutz on my best days, so too many to mention.
Carina Ashline (Gaoler/Officer)
EXPERIENCE: Ghost/Alex Understudy in Granny's Home Style Delights. ARE YOU A FAN OF SHAKESPEARE? ANY FAVORITES? I am a fan of Shakespeare and my favorite play would have to be Romeo and Juliet. This was the first piece of Shakespeare that I was exposed to and it is a true classic. WHAT OF A TIME YOUR ERROR CAUSED SOME COMEDY? I mixed up a paper in my college class that i was suppose to turn in and accidentally turned in a different one. My professor and I had a good laugh. I was allowed to turn in the correct one.
Jenny Norwood (Amelia Understudy)