She Kills Monsters Cast

Haley Bright  (The Narrator )
I am THE Haley Bright and I am your Narrator. My recent roles with SVCT include Casey in Speak Now, Vera in Neil Simon's Odd Couple - Female Version, and Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Prior to that, I have performed on stage since the age of twelve with productions in Los Angeles, Austin, Charlotte, and Houston. I have a long history of baking cookies and brownies for other people playing D&D at my house. I never actually played, though. The best game ever is called Game of Things (look it up!). Nobody can beat me at word games like Boggle or Scattergories, so we tend to play Mario Party or Mario Kart on the Switch. I only win those most of the time. Muahaha!
Kirri Miller (Agnes Evans)
Whattup! I am Kirri Miller and I play Agnes Evans. I have been a part of Sierra Vista Community Theatre since 2019, with their first show Night Fall working Tech. I continued to Volunteer her time being a Technician and Stage Manager until October 2020 when I auditioned for Baskerville. I have performed in many shows, such as Baskerville, Penelope Toop in See How They Run, Prudence Hopewell in Love Rides The Rails, Cassie Cooper in Rumors, and John the Baptist in Godspell. I have also directed many shows within SVCT such as Alice In Wonderland, Nana's Naughty Knickers, Into the Woods Jr., Rocky Horror Show, Twisted Fairy Tales, Wizard of Oz Jr. and most recently, Anne Of Green Gables. I dabbled in D&D in high school with a few friends, but unfortunately have not been able to be a part of any campaigns or parties since. Honestly, I love tabletop games with an amazing group of friends!
Cameron Swan (Tilly Evans)
Yo! I'm Cameron Swan, I am Tilly Evans, the Paladin. My experience in SVCT includes Alice Oldacre in Acting Can Be Murder, and have done tech work for the show The Odd Couple (Female Version). I have played in many RPG campaigns, but none the official D&D game strangely enough! The current campaign I'm a part of is based around spies. Other than that I'm not playing many games.
Brady Silk (Chuck)
Hiya, they call me Brady Silk and I am Chuck! I started doing theatre my freshman year of high school when we did Shrek the Musical. I did multiple shows throughout high school, some highlights being Hairspray and School House Rock Live! I have been with the community theatre since The Rocky Horror Show and have worked tech for most shows but have acted in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Acting Can be Murder. I just finished up being the Production Stage Manager for our youth show, Anne of Green Gables. My interest with Dungeons and Dragons started by watching episodes of Dimension 20 which is a D&D Campaign filmed and posted on a service called Dropout. I watched every single one of their 8 campaigns before I got to play in my own campaign with my best friends. That's been a lot of fun and is still going on despite my character getting killed and then revived and being sent to jail, almost twice. I have also played in some one shots and was going to DM a one shot, but I got sick, hopefully one day I will be able to actually do it! I have a passion for board games. They are my absolute favorite past time, if you ask me to play one I'll drop everything and go play. I'm a big fan of Clue, Monopoly, and also lesser known titles like Betral at House on Haunted Hill and Escape the Night! Video games are also great and fun, but board games have a special place in my heart.
Donna Brown (Lillith/Lilly)
I'm Donna Brown. I will be stepping into the role of Lilith in She Kills Monsters, and my hope is to tug at the heartstrings of our audience. This play's exploration of loss, acceptance, and imagination truly strikes a chord with me. I had a passion for acting in high school, which led me to become a thespian. It’s been a few years since my last performance, which was with the Sierra Vista Community Theatre in The Rocky Horror Show. Theater isn't the only realm where I bring my creativity to life. I love immersing myself in tabletop RPGs like Vampire: The Masquerade or Dungeons & Dragons. It's a whole different world of storytelling and adventure thats hard to resist.
Casey Enamorado  (Kaliope The Dark Elf)
Welco,me, I'm Casey Enamorado-Haney and I am Kaliope, the Dark Elf. I started theatre classes in middle school, but never had the courage to audition for a proper show until SVCT's production of "The Rocky Horror Show", in which I played Janet! I was also in "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change", where I played various roles, including Rose Ritz. I'm super excited to be involved in my first non-musical with this show! I've played a few DnD one-shots, and also enjoy other TTRPGs such as Cyberpunk Red! (That counts, right?) Other favorite games...? Ooh, there are so many options! I think the game I play most is Final Fantasy XIV, but I also love the Drakengard/NieR series, and my go-to comfort game is Hollow Knight.
Ethan Zazueta (Ronnie/Orcus)
Well Hello, I am THE Ethan Zazueta. I am here to portray the role of Orcus/Ronnie. I've worked on many shows with the Sierra Vista Community Theatre in the technical department for 2 years now. However, I started as an actor, I was villain sidekick number 1 in "Love Rides the Rails". Then I was a handsome phantom in "Rocky Horror Show". Lastly I was on stage as a pretend murder victim in "Acting Can Be Murder". My experience with D&D is even more extensive. I've been the game master for a homebrew D&D group for 4 years with 3 ongoing campaigns. My other favorite game is the Penis Game 🤣
Kat Botelho (Evil Tina)
They call me Kat Botelho. I am happy to be playing Evil Tina. I've been acting for about 12 year and have been in more the 15 shows since then. I play D&D in a group on Wednesdays as the character Dr. Bob, a brain surgeon with a level 6 open intelligence, and a 20 in charisma that is also a bard. I also really like card games and Clue!
Brianna James (Evil Gabby)
Haaaay, I'm Brianna James and I'm stoked to be Evil Gabbi. My experience includes mostly children plays and one with Fault Line Players. My D&D experience is not big, I am just starting out. My favorite games include Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance and Injustice (mobile and arcade).
B. Angele Kunkowski (Fairy)
Well hello there, I am B Angele Kunkowski and I am THE Fairy. I have much experience in the theatre and D&D, but not much in the way of bio writing I'm afraid. My favorite game would probably be Vampire The Masquerade.
Jacob Carpenter (Miles)
I am Jacob Carpenter, I play the very understanding Miles. I haven't had any experience in a theatre since elementary school but I am excited to be back. I have experience playing D&D, mostly with 5E, although I prefer Savage Worlds or Call of Cthulhu. I will play any system if the group is fun and the GM runs an interesting campaign. My favorite games are card games - Arkham Horror LCG, KeyForge; Board games - Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror, Splendor, Mainframe; TTRPG - Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Delta Green, Mutant Year Zero, Pirate Borg.
Aiden Swallow (Steve, The Great Mage)
Wazzzup, my preferred name is Aiden Swallow. I play Steve, also known as The Great Mage Steve. My theatre experience includes Godspell (disciple) and One Acts (Wanda's Visit (minor cameo) and Maddened by Mystery). I have played lots of D&D video games, played a few campaigns at the 5e edition, and Dungeon Master for a 5e campaign. Apart from D&D I am a HUGE FF fanboy. My favorite game is Final Fantasy Tactics, however, I love virtually all RPGs, to include a few MMORPGs, strategy RPGs, tactical RPGs, RTSs, and action RPGs.
Eve Cotellessa  (Vera)
Hi there, I am Eve Cotellessa and I am THE Vera. My theatre experience includes community theater in Pierre, SD as Aunt LeMerle in Red Velvet Cake Wars, and Bev in 4 Weddings and an Elvis. I do not have enough D&D experience to say I am experienced in D&D. > I love games though and some of my favorites include - Cards, Scrabble, slot machines, Trivial Pursuit, bowling, baseball, volleyball, logic problems.
Stephanie Whipple  (Monster/Lilith Understudy)
Howdy, I'm Stephanie Whipple. I am here to play a Monster and Understudy for Lillith. My experience includes ballet at the Sierra Vista Ballet 2004-2011 and 2013-2017, Midsummer Night’s Dream Missoula Childrens Theatre Summer Camp 2014, Midsummer Night’s Dream SVCT 2022, Godspell SVCT 2023. I have only played one game of D&D (Christmas/Horror themed) and died within 10 minutes on the dagger of my now fiancés character. I have never played since. I love to deal for Texas Hold’em with Zombies. I also enjoy the board games Monopoly and Escape the Night, and the card games Magic the Gathering and Metazoo.
Ryan Gann-Martin (Monster/Steve Understudy )
Yoooooo, I'm Ryan Gann-Martin, I am a Monster and the Understudy for Steve. My experience in the theatre includes Midsummer Night's Dream SVCT 2022, Dark Side of Oz Haunted House SVCT 2022. I first played D&D at 16 years old and stopped until I met my current group in 2021. Since then, I have been a part of numerous campaigns, both as player and DM, and not always just D&D. I am currently playing two characters in a Wednesday D&D campaign and a Ventriloquist Dummy in Pathfinder on Mondays. My favourite video game is Bioshock, board game is Clue, and TTRPG is SCP the RPG.
Andrew Sloan (Monster)
Hello, I am Andrew Sloan, I am excited to be a Monster. I have some high school experience in theatre and 10ish years experience playing D&D. My favorite games are Jak and Daxters on PS2.
Luca Scerbo (Monster )
Greetings, I am Luca Scerbo, I am a Monster (but only when they say ACTION!) My experience in the theatre includes numerous high school productions and acting classes. I have never played D&D so this will be a very fun and new experience for me. My favorite types of games to play would be shooter games and stealth games.
Brendan Finley (Monster )
Hey there, hi there I am Brendan Finley! I am a Monster as well as the Understudy for Chuck. My experience in the theatre includes 4 years in High School (2006-2010), Community College (2012), Podcast with indie production (2021-2022), and Charm City Film Production (2022) My D&D experience is less impressive, in fact i would call it "Very Little". Now that I think of it, I don't really have a favorite game at all.
Jordan Schaaf (Monster )
NAME: Jordon Schaaf ROLE/TECH ROLE: Monster THEATRE EXPERIENCE: I have done theater for 10 years and some of my favorite roles and shows have been Dr. Chasuble in The Importance of Being Earnest, Slugger in Who Slew One of the Crew, and Max in SVCT's Lend Me a Tenor. I currently also work at the O.K Corral as a gunfighter. I got into D&D two years ago and after some bumps in the road I currently play with friends two days a week, as both a Dungeon Master and Player, some of my favorite campaigns include my two Disney campaigns, my friend's Dark Souls Campaign and a friend's Mutants and Masterminds campaign. Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Mutants and Masterminds, and Deadlands.
Tanner Blankenship (Monster)
Yo, Whattup, I'm Tanner Blankenship. I am here to play Monster #5. My experience includes several different roles from High School theater and SVCT's Rocky Horror Show. I've played D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games for nearly 7 years now both as a player and a GM. My favorite game is Barbie Dreamhouse of course. PSYCHE! It's D&D 5E!!!