A Lovely Sunday for a Creve Coeur Creative

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Creative Director
Olga Sotiriadi
Olga Sotiriadi, a graduate of the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute (Moscow, Russia), has built a diverse career as an actress in theater and film, playing over 40 standout roles including such classics as A Midsummer Night's Dream and W. Somerset Maugham's The Theater. In 2015, she founded Scarlet Sails Theatre, making a significant impact on Portland's Slavic community by promoting cultural diversity through over 100 theatrical productions and educational programs. Her work continued at the Scarlet Sails Cultural Foundation, a non-profit organization, where she spearheads cultural events and educational initiatives for Russian-speaking children and adults in Portland. Sotiriadi's contributions to the arts and education reflect her commitment to creating an inclusive, culturally rich community.
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Scenic Designer
Alexandra Dashevskaya
Graduated from Russian Academy of Arts GITIS in 2012, created set design and costume design for more than 30 theater projects in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, UK, USA. Resident in Watermill Center of Robert Wilson. Created set and curated the building of the new stage in RAMT Theater in Moscow. Took part in numerous exhibitions in Russia, Israel, Latvia, France, Portugal. Took part in international exhibitions and residencies. After 24.02 left Russia and moved to Israel, where continued working in theaters and galleries.

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