About Dracula

Remember the good old days of radio—when people had to use their imaginations—when the mind was a stage? Join us for a re-creation of those days but now—only better!.

"I have long followed the trail of the vampire," Professor Van Helsing tells us, "It lives on…for centuries…draining the blood…the life…from its victims, causing them also to become vampires. And this is our story.... The story of a small band of mortals who faced the most powerful vampire of them all."

It is1888 and, in Whitby, England, Lucy Westenra has fallen ill. Her fiancée, Dr. Jack Seward has brought her to his sanitarium and called in a
battery of physicians, but her condition worsens. Desperate, Jack sends for Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases. Van Helsing's visit coincides with that of Jonathan Harker and his wife, Mina, who had been Dr. Seward's nurse but resigned to care for Jonathan during a  recent illness after a trip abroad to Transylvania. Better now, Jonathan remarks that his law firm has purchased, for a Transylvanian client, the old Abbey next door to Dr. Seward's sanitarium.

The client's name is Count Dracula.

It was during his time in Transylvania that Jonathan Harker fell ill, although most of his memory of the visit appears to have been erased. R.M. Renfield, a resident at the asylum, appears to be completely mad, but Van Helsing thinks that there is more to Renfield than meets the eye. Despite all of Dr. Van Helsing's efforts, Lucy dies.

He now turns his attention to Harker. Van Helsing places Harker Under hypnosis where he remembers his time in Transylvania, and that Count Dracula is a supernatural monster.

Newspaper stories speak of a Lady in White haunting the Hampstead Heath, and Van Helsing reveals that this is he believes it is Lucy who is now one of Dracula's undead.  Dr. Seward, enraged, orders Van Helsing from his house. Later that evening, Van Helsing returns to the Sanitarium in search of his nemesis. Van Helsing discovers Dracula in the room with him. A struggle ensues as Seward and the Harkers enter. Dracula leaves through a window. At the same moment,  Renfield is discovered, broken and bloody, at the door. Before he dies, Renfield reveals his role in Dracula's plot, including the vampire's double life as Jack the Ripper in London. Renfield begs Van Helsing to save Mina,
whom Dracula has begun to convert to vampirism.

In a final battle at Dracula's Abbey mansion, the final fight between good and evil begins.

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