A Midsummer Night's Dream Creative

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William Shakespeare
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Production Conception and Direction
Stephen Scovasso
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Composer and Arranger
Janet Brooks

The Director's Viewpoint

SAS Performing Arts has made the decision to reset the time period to an more modern time and transferred the location from ancient Athens to the more urban New York City and where the majority of the play takes place in the
Athenian forest, now we set it in Central Park.  In doing this, the delightful plot and subplots, do not lose anything in the transition. Of course, how do you justify spirits in modern day Central Park, well whose is to say there aren’t any.

Despite such occasional deviations, productions retain the spirit of the Shakespeare, and today's audiences enjoy a perfectly delightful play, often appreciating it just for the sheer fun of the story. The fairies, the music, the marvelous lyric poetry, Bottom and his troop of incompetent actors—all make this one of Shakespeare's most delightful
offerings, and we can exclaim with Puck, "What fools these mortals be!".